Take The Quickest Path To Meeting Your Learning Objectives

Explore objective-driven learning experiences that combine theory, technical knowledge, practice sessions and end-to-end assessments to master skills that can be used in real-world scenarios

Structured, easy-to-follow training plans across teams, skills, and certifications.

Be it planning a digital transformation, or expanding on your products and services, disruption is inevitable. This disruption can mitigated and eliminated by building tech skills strategically. With Techademy’s learning paths, you can

  • Equip your workforce to hit the ground on new mission-critical projects.
  • Prep team for changing tech stacks, adopting DevOps, or building cloud or Big Data pipelines.
  • Architect comprehensive plan for upskilling and reskilling talent
  • Ensure new hires can be productive on Day 1

Integrated Learning Interventions To Make The Most Of Learning And Build Tech Skills.

Our Learning Paths combine courses with various learning interventions into one experience to teach you skills from start to finish. These paths are aligned to one’s knowledge level and business needs, to help you and your team develop the right skills in the right order. Our learning paths include:


Video-based training to build tech skills on leading technologies

Skill-assessments and Quizzes

Validate what your team learns on-the-go

Hands-on Labs

Practice and demonstrate problem-solving skills with tech labs

Hands-on Labs

Practice and demonstrate problem-solving skills with tech labs

Capstone Projects

Analyze and work on real business use-cases

Collaborative Learning

Promote social interaction among learners and mentors

Mentoring Sessions

F2F discussions with our expert mentors to help them progress.

Story-based sessions

Connect to narratives emotionally to create higher recall and retention

Keeping pace with evolving tech

The learning strategists at Techademy are always hard work to ensure that every course, assessments, and projects are up-to-date, and relevant to the needs of the industry. We retain an in-house ‘Learning Services Team’ to create and curate customised content on demand.

  • Gain access to an ever-evolving library of course content
  • 200+ new courses added and updated every month
  • Connect our content with your Learning Experience Platform to get instant access to content

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