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Techademy has a 30-year lineage in upskilling working professionals and shaping the tech industry. Join us as a content partner to be part of a movement that’s shaping the future of learning, while generating an income stream from it. 

Why become a content partner?

To give your content enormous reach!

10K+ Trainers

14K+ Courses

180+ Learning Paths

500+ Companies

Step 1: Plan your curriculum

Choose a promising topic(s) with the help of our Marketplace Insights tool 

How we help:

We offer plenty of resources on how to create your first course. And, our instructor dashboard and curriculum pages help keep you organised. 

Step 2: Record your content

Use basic tools like a smartphone or a DSLR camera. Add a good microphone and you’re ready to start. If you don’t like being on camera, just capture your screen.  

How we help:

We offer support on production guidance and in setting up of studio for the recording of videos. Additionally, get tips on how to record your content. 

Step 3: Launch the course

Gather your first ratings and reviews by promoting your course through social media and your professional networks. Your course will also be discoverable in our marketplace. 

How we help:

Our custom coupon tool lets you offer enrollment incentives while our global promotions drive traffic to courses. There’s even more opportunity for courses chosen. 


Our Onboarding Support Team is here to answer your questions and review your first video. Once onboarded, our Learning Center will give you plenty of resources to help you through the process and make your courses a success. 

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