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Explore Integrated Learning Experience Solutions to seamlessly manage your talent lifecycle and accelerate business transformation!

Be it Talent Acquisition, Talent Skilling, Deployment, or Talent Management, Techademy’s Platform of Platforms brings together immersive solutions under one umbrella to help you fully control what happens across your talent lifecycle.

Techademy's Integrated Learning Experience Solutions

We’ve been pioneering the skilling industry for 30+ years

With 100+ Fortune 500 companies as customers, we’ve been offering customized solutions that are unique to the individual needs of our customers. Our engineering roadmap has been the result of feedback from our discerning marquee clients who have shaped our products to where they are today.


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Talent Lifecycle + Solutions

Making the right hires for impactful roles can be a game-changer if done right!

Build tailored, diverse tech teams, overcome the barriers of talent development and acquisition and get your new hires ready for deployment.

Unlock the full potential of your tech workforce with Techademy’s role-based skilling solutions.

Tecahdemy ULXP’s Competency Mapping methodology helps you strategically map talent to roles based on the specific competencies required.

Talent Lifecycle with Solutions

Problems We Solve

Unified Learning Experience Platform - Techademy

Unified Learning Experience Platform with etc. and more

Techademy’s proprietary ULXP offers diverse learning interventions to help you build, optimize, automate, and scale your talent programs!

Through curated learning content to help with skilling, enterprise skill accreditation frameworks, customizable and auto-graded technical assessments, immersive learning experiences through gamification and social learning, and secure hands-on labs that mirror the production environment, Techademy’s Platform of Platforms has all the answers you’re looking for! And perhaps those to the questions you aren’t asking yet!

Tech to Make Your Talent Talented

Unlock the full potential of your tech teams through curated content, immersive learning experiences covering the most in-demand skills, and expert mentors to train your workforce in technologies of the future!

Immersive learning experience - Techademy
Improve Training ROI and Optimally Plan your L&D Budgets

Improve Training ROI and Optimally Plan your L&D Budgets

Make informed decisions about your L&D budgets with Techademy’s data-driven and advanced learner analytics insights. Get access to comprehensive analytics and reporting features that help you allocate resources strategically, ensuring maximum impact and value from your learning and development investments, thereby significantly improving learning outcomes and training ROI.

Map your teams to the right projects and prepare them for deployment

Techademy’s assessments and advanced competency matrix frameworks can help you seamlessly map your teams to the right projects and prepare them for deployment.
Your teams can practice in simulated production environments and gain hands-on experience in situations that mirror real-world scenarios.

Assessments and Advanced Competency Matrix Frameworks
Setting up talent academies through Integrated Learning Experiences

Establish your own talent academies through Integrated Learning Experiences

Experience the power of easy-to-use building blocks that deliver intentional learning by opening up employee access to Digital Content, cohort-based programs in a blended format, and advanced, integrated learning paths to truly hone their skills.
Our Unified Learning Experience platform offers your teams an integrated learning experience that has proven to significantly improve learner engagement, mitigate learning dropoffs, and instill a culture of continuous learning.

Hyper-personalized Learner Analytics that tell you everything you need to know

Experience the spectacle of highly detailed dashboards and that inform you in detail about skill levels prevalent in your organization, what resources are best suited for high-impact projects, and what resources need a bit of assistance to attain mastery and take-on challenging projects.

Hyper-personalized Learner Analytics - Techademy

How Our LXP works in the real world
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