Real-Time Insights About Your Organization’s Capabilities

Track progress with insights into skill development over time to ensure your org is prepared to deliver on key initiative. Leverage an advanced learning analytics to get a better understanding of your organisation’s knowledge progression accurately and objectively. Our out-of-the-box analytics give you clarity into where people sit currently versus your desired future state.

Embracing Data Analytics?in Talent Development

Gain a better understanding of what your learners need with the Analytics Engine™. The curated data will give you meaningful insight into a learner’s upskilling journey and help you identify opportunities like:

  • Mapping and filling learning gaps
  • Creating personalized interventions
  • Enhancing learning outcomes

Map your organization's tech-skills objectively

With advanced learning skills analytics, you can track the strengths, weaknesses and progress of your teams with unmatched clarity. Individual and topic-level insights help you discover hidden talent and put the right people on the right projects.

Track growth over time with skill profiles

Get access to out-of-the-box analytics give you insights into where people sit currently versus your desired future state. This data delivers the playbook for managers to take the next step in the advancement of team members.

  • See practitioner-level skills grow at an individual, team, andorganizational level
  • Establish defined job roles with career progression tracks
  • Visualize and share the impact programmatic upskilling has made on your business

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