Give your tech teams the advantage of learning in the flow of work

Using Techademy’s Learning Experience Platform, shift to a modern approach to L&D by incorporating workflow learning and reap the benefits. 

Learning that is relevant to job responsibilities

Make use of our 10,000 subject matter experts to  
recommend the right learning path. Sit back and  
let them suggest the right course and path based  
on the tech stack, job roles, and the expertise  
level of your workforce.

Learning that is personalized

Use Techademy’s adaptive assessments to gauge exactly  
where your teams need a learning intervention. Then use  
our customized learning paths to deliver only the training  
that is relevant to their job roles. We also have ondemand  
mentors to help your team members with personalized  
feedback whenever they get stuck.

Learning that happens just-in-time

With Techademy’s secure cloud labs, your learners can  
seamlessly practice whatever they learn in a sandbox  
environment, ensuring that learning is contextually relevant.  
Our 10,000 subject matter experts are at hand to help them 
in case they run into challenges.

Learning that happens just-in-time
Learning that is collaborative

Learning that is collaborative

Let your learners engage in collaborative problem solving  
within a team setting, where they are individually assigned  
smaller pieces of a larger project. Finally, experience an  
all-encompassing evaluation that assesses the project,  
individual contributions, and overall teamwork

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