Techademy Yaksha

Techademy-Yaksha is a fully customizable, auto-graded and on-demand tech assessments engine that helps recruiters, tech managers, and L&D professionals to build high-performing tech teams through multiple assessments that are aligned to roles, stacks, skills, or projects.
With Techademy-Yaksha, you can curate hyper-personalised assessments for your teams, generate data-rich reports that reflect advanced learner analytics, map skills through exhaustive competency mapping frameworks, and prepare your teams for today and the future.

Techademy’s Yaksha

The one tool that you need to gain a comprehensive view of People Analytics to acquire, assess, engage and manage talent across the lifecycle.

Empower your teams to grow and develop through Knowledge-based Assessments!

Techademy-Yaksha’s Knowledge-based Assessments are designed to evaluate individuals’ theoretical understanding and grasp of key concepts in various technical domains. Through KBAs, you can identify specific strengths and knowledge gaps to make informed decisions about talent acquisition, skill development, and team building.

Techademy-Yaksha’s auto-graded and on-demand assessments engine

Screen and analyse with auto-graded reports

Provide realistic simulation of real-world problems

Tailor programs based on assessment results

Ensure the right talent is deployed for critical projects

Library of 0.5 million KBAs

Skill-Based Assessments: Accurately measure skills and maximize the potential of your teams

Evaluate practical skills, skill-levels, and hands-on proficiency in various technical domains that are tied to specific tech skills through our comprehensive skill-based assessments.

With skill-based assessments, you can:

Setup assessments across 70+ technologies

Assess skill gaps within your teams

Train your teams for skill mastery in emerging technical skills

Access deep analytics to aid decision making

Role-based Assessments: Detailed skill assessments tailored for every role!

Leverage Techademy-Yaksha’s role-based assessments to evaluate and hire the right fit across technologies.
With Role-based assessments, you get:

Network engineering assessments

SAP Solutions assessments

Database administration assessments

Programming/Coding assessments

Database administration assessments

Adaptive Assessments:
Identify the core strengths of your tech teams

Get personalized insights into unique strengths by dynamically adjusting the difficulty and complexity of questions in your assessments. Identify distinct talents and capabilities within your tech teams through the power of progressive and regressive benchmarking.
With Adaptive assessments, you can:

Strategically Nurture and Leverage unique strengths

Tackle difficult projects with improved talent/ skill ammo

Identify skill gaps more closely through dynamic assessments

Assess tech proficiencies of every associate

Project-based Assessments: Assess talent based on real-life projects

Test your candidates and employees on real-world projects to get deeper insights into their skills. Plan it as a final step in the interview process or use these assessments to create job-skill matrix of your organization. Set up and customize assessments across different use cases. View, run, and analyze the reports with Yaksha.
Here’s what you can do:

Access necessary tool chain under one roof

Significantly enhance project delivery efficiency

Explore our library of real-world projects to improve project readiness

Stack-Based Assessments: Gauge Technical Proficiency with Precision

Make informed hiring decisions and assess the technical proficiency of candidates accurately through Yaksha’s Stack-Based Assessments. Our platform offers stack-specific assessments designed to evaluate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and problem-solving abilities in specific technology stacks. With stack-based assessments, you can streamline your recruitment process and ensure that candidates possess the required expertise for your organization’s tech roles.

Stack-Based Assessments

With Stack-based assessments, you can

Tailor evaluations for specific technology stacks

Accurate measurement of candidate's knowledge and skills in relevant technologies

Streamline recruitment process with focused assessments

Assess problem-solving abilities within the context of specific stacks

Identify candidates with the right expertise for your tech roles.

Organize hackathons with improved efficiency and impact

Techademy-Yaksha allows you to boost innovation and problem-solving with online hackathons. Finding and nurturing talent will no longer be a challenge with our unique offerings that include codathons as well as stackathons along with other exciting elements.
Our hackathons allow you to:

Customize challenges the way you want

Easily deploy codathons

Identify stack-based and role-based experts

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