Techademy LXP

An integrated and unified LXP that has the answers to all your L&D aspirations or heartaches!
Techademy’s ULXP is one that our competitors wish they had.

Techademy’s Unified LXP

From talent acquisition to skilling, deployment, mobility and talent management, our Unified LXP comes in three different avatars, each offering its own set of unique and immersive features.

Techademy LMS

  • Standalone LMS
  • Advanced insightful learner analytics

Techademy Lite

Techademy LMS+

  • Learning content+ Knowledge-based assessments

Techademy Prime

Techademy Lite+

  • Role-based assessments, stack-based assessments, collaborative assessments, project-based assessments
  • Hands-on Practice Labs
  • Mentor-led Sessions

Techademy LMS

Accelerate Business Transformation through our innovative LMS which is built to ensure that your learning programs meet business outcomes at every level. With excellent features and insightful learner analytics, our LMS empowers organizations like yours to foster a culture of continuous learning and drive employee development.

With Techademy LMS, you can:

Manage and deliver learning programs seamlessly

Get access to advanced learner analytics

Measure and improve the ROI of your training programs

Techademy Lite: Get more than just our standalone LMS with Techademy Lite!

Experience more through curated content and knowledge-based assessments to refine your L&D initiatives.
With Techademy Lite, you get:

Techademy’s proprietary standalone LMS

Learning content covering top roles and technologies

Knowledge-based assessments to measure and track specific skills

Advanced learner analytics & personalized dashboards

Techademy Prime:
Everything that comes with Techademy Lite +Much Much More!

Experience our LXP in full-throttle with multimedia-rich learning content, gamification elements, social learning features, and advanced assessments.

Techademy Prime

With Techademy Prime, you can do more than you’d have imagined through

Powerful learning content in the form of stack-based and role-based courses and learning paths

End-to-end, auto graded, and fully customizable assessments that include role-based, stack-based, knowledge-based, collaborative, project-based, and adaptive assessments

Hyper-personalized dashboards to fine-tune your L&D initiatives

Competency mapping frameworks to identify and plug skill gaps

Dynamic elements to help you leverage the power of social learning and gamification at their best

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