Techademy’s Make My Labs

Hands-on learning environment to experiment, practice & master essential tech skills

Techademy MakeMyLabs is the best solution to ‘Infrastructure-as-a-service’, allowing you to set-up personalized virtual machines for your teams, enable them to experiment in a sandbox environment to prevent interruptions in production, create dedicated IDE frameworks and set up mimic environments to get an objective feel of technology for practice.

What’s more, learners get to enjoy an uninterrupted and immersive experience through Persistent Labs to stop and start practicing at will until their learning sojourn beckons.


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Techademy’s Make My Labs

It doesn’t stop there. With our public labs offering, you can:

Integrate labs with custom features on public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others.

Closely monitor usage, only pay for what you use, and exercise direct control on your budgets

Build customized system configurations with absolute ease

Monitor the lab environment within the cloud platform to build additional custom features

Map the Road to Success With Your Competent Employees

With proper competency mapping in HR with Techademy, you can have the ideal competent team of employees for successful operations at your organization.

Revolutionize to Evolve

Giving your workforce the ideal hands-on training to brace them with the perfect tech skill set is as efficacious as gifting them appraisals. Well, numbers say more than just words!

Hands-on training has been shown to increase employee productivity by up to 75%.

90% of employees believe that hands-on experiential learning is the most effective method to upskill!

Transform Learning with Techademy's Make My Labs Platform

Create immersive, hands-on learning experiences with our innovative Make My Labs platform. Customize virtual labs to simulate real-world scenarios, enhancing practical skills and accelerating knowledge acquisition for your team.

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Techademy MakeMyLabs Decoded

Q1. Why MakeMyLabs for your tech organization?

MakeMyLabs is an interesting Lab as a Service (LaaS) that reduces the need for periodic performance adjustments and configuration changes, saving time and assuring consistency. With multiple pre-designed catalogs to choose from with a few clicks, it makes it possible for tech organizations to customize hands-on laboratories. It also eliminates repetitive management and provisioning. Also, it provides an established practice framework.

A safe and scalably managed training platform like MML helps employees in tech skilling and long-term understanding with hands-on learning. The platform provides dashboards and reports to the learning managers with complete control of the lab use and budget. The organizations could save a lot of overhead costs and time spent in setting up multiple images and configurations.

Cloud training helps employees keep up with the latest information on cloud platforms and associated services. It is significant because the features and technologies offered are always evolving.

When dealing with the public cloud, there are several tracking constraints. MakeMyLabs will help you in capping the amount of credits used, the number of days used, and the service level. It helps you in setting up a fixed public cloud budget for a specified amount of time. It offers a weekly use report to track usage. IT support is offered for problems relating to access or services round the clock through call/email tickets. Lastly, auto shutdown of VMs when not in use to save cost.

MML is simple and easy to use for learning managers. They are provided with individual and cohort-level reports of each employee to get actionable insights into every learner’s progress. The platform is also smoothly integrated with the LMS or LXP platform. It also gives hands-on practice exercises of the tools learned by the employees.

MML comes with flexible payment models like the Pay-As-You-Use (PAYU) model, the Monthly flat fee costing model, and the Enterprise subscription model.

MakeMyLabs is a very secure platform. It is GDPR compliant, Soc2 Type2 compliant, and ISO27001 certified.

The instructors get numerous benefits when using MakeMyLabs, such as interactive and quick lab sets, updated on new trends in technology, no IT maintenance headaches, no additional costs, well-designed and extensive dashboards, and 24/7 access to the labs.

MakeMyLabs can be used as a practice environment, real-world mimic, sandbox, or for free-flow coding, providing a versatile platform for coding skill development and application.

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