Techademy’s Make My Labs

Techademy MakeMyLabs is the best solution to ‘Infrastructure-as-a-service’, allowing you to set-up personalized virtual machines for your teams, enable them to experiment in a sandbox environment to prevent interruptions in production, create dedicated IDE frameworks and set up mimic environments to get an objective feel of technology for practice.
What’s more, learners get to enjoy an uninterrupted and immersive experience through Persistent Labs to stop and start practicing at will until their learning sojourn beckons.

Techademy’s Make My Labs

It doesn’t stop there. With our public labs offering, you can:

Integrate labs with custom features on public cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and others.

Closely monitor usage, only pay for what you use, and exercise direct control on your budgets

Build customized system configurations with absolute ease

Monitor the lab environment within the cloud platform to build additional custom features

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