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Boost your organization’s learning with Virtutor – the all-in-one mentorship platform for personalized skill building.

Learners get on-demand access to dedicated mentors for any course, with an attentivity index that evaluates attention span to boost retention.

Talent leaders can handle session management with ease, from tracking attendance to recording with one click. Interactive tools like collaborative whiteboards and breakout rooms enable engaging virtual learning.

Whether onboarding new hires, developing future-ready skills, or driving productivity, Virtutor integrates with your existing LXP ecosystem to make mentorship work at scale.

With Virtutor, you can create a true culture of just-in-time mentor-based learning.


Expert one-on-one guidance with just a few clicks

Techademy-Virtutor connects your teams with expert tutors in minutes. Our tutors have years of experience in their fields and are passionate about teaching and helping learners succeed.
Experience unsurpassed learning by:

  • Connecting with expert tutors in minutes or schedule sessions for later
  • Receiving personalized guidance from tutors who understand your needs.
  • Improve performance and achieve goals.
Techademy-Virtutor connects with one-on-one guidance
On-demand, live, interactive tutoring- Techademy

On-demand, live, interactive tutoring

Experience interactive and on-demand tutoring like no other. You can schedule a mentoring session at your convenience and connect with a mentor in real time.
With this, you can:

  • Schedule a tutoring session at your convenience.
  • Connect with a mentor in real time and get help with your specific needs.
  • Ask questions and get feedback as you work through your assignments.

Assisted Mentoring through our pool of 10000+ accomplished industry experts

Techademy-Virtutor has a pool of 10000+ accomplished industry experts globally who are experts, practioners and trainers across diverse tech skills. Our mentors are the best in the business and are committed to providing your teams with the best possible learning experiences.

You can choose from this accomplished pool of mentors to add immense value to your tech training programs, boosting learnability in the process.

Techademy-Virtutor has a pool of 10000+ accomplished industry experts
Tecahdemy-Virtutor, on-demand mentor as a service platform

Just In-Time Learning

Ensure your tech teams learn just in time to be deployment ready and take responsibility for project outcomes!

Tecahdemy-Virtutor, our on-demand mentor-as-a-service platform, offers enterprises with mentors and tech experts for dedicated training in crucial technologies and tech stacks.

With Techademy-Virtutor, you can further Just In-Time Learning by –

  • Getting access to tech mentors at any time
  • Integrated tutoring  with LXP/Learning Ecosystems
  • Giving your learners an immersive learning experience
  • Reducing learning drop-offs and ensure learning continuity

Mentoring + Employees = Successful Operations

With every growing year, your tech company needs to inculcate new advancements and skills. There can be a significant difference in your business with refined employees full of advanced skills. So, what are you waiting for?

National Mentoring Day conducted a study where it was found that around 70% of businesses find mentoring to bring a significant increase in productivity.

Also, 55% of businesses reported a positive impact on their profits through mentoring.

M for Mentoring and More Success

As one of the best online mentoring platforms, Techademy Virtutor is progressing with a mission to provide every employee with accurate guidance for their job role in any tech organization.

Revolutionize Learning with Techademy's Virtutor Platform

Experience immersive and interactive education with our cutting-edge Virtutor platform. Designed to enhance digital learning, it offers personalized and engaging training solutions to meet diverse educational needs.

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Virtutor Platform Decoded

Q1. What are the benefits of the Virtutor mentor-on-demand platform?

The Virtutor is an online mentoring platform by Techademy offering the following benefits to leading tech organizations: 

  • Customized training from world-class industry experts  anytime anywhere
  • Enhance learner engagement with hands-on exercises
  • Solves learner queries
  • 360-degree feedback wherein mentors help identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses
  • Provide practical methods to overcome the weaknesses
  • End-to-end trainer and session management

While platforms like Zoom, Teams, and Meet enable video collaboration, Virtutor is purpose-built for learning. It goes beyond basic video conferencing with features that optimize online learning like attentivity tracking, cohort management, analytics, interactive whiteboards, and breakout rooms. Unlike generalized apps, Virtutor creates an immersive virtual classroom environment tailored for instruction and retention. Its specialized functionality elevates remote training efforts even if you already use other tools. For organizations serious about digital learning, Virtutor provides support to take training to the next level.

Virtutor has features that enrich training like attentivity tracking to boost engagement, interactive whiteboards for collaborative lessons, personalized dashboards to follow progress, on-demand mentor, and breakout rooms for discussions.

The Virtutor platform comes with unique characteristics to simplify the process of gaining and imparting mentorship. For instance, 

  • Ability to create assignments and add them to a repository, which can then be assigned and accessed anytime
  • Flexible and secure  payment models     
  • Detailed reports for trainer-wise sessions, trainee attendance, and so on.
  • Custom dashboards for trainers and trainees that provide performance and actionable insights 
  • Visibility of trainer availability for immediate booking or scheduling future sessions.
  • Customisable feedback template for both trainee and trainer
  • Dedicated tenant portal with white-labeling

Virtutor empowers mentors with end-to-end session management, automated attendance tracking, one-click recording, remote training abilities, LXP integration, real-time whiteboard collaboration, polls, note sharing, annotations, and more. By equipping mentors, Virtutor enhances program quality.

The lack of personalized guidance, engagement, and reinforcement from mentors are major pitfalls of mentor-less training programs. Without tailored coaching and feedback, learners struggle to apply skills effectively. Mentor interactions keep employees motivated through collaborations and discussions. Mentors also boost knowledge retention by solidifying concepts through reviews and practice. Additionally, mentors can identify and resolve individual weaknesses that may go undetected without one-on-one attention.

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