Never pay for what you don’t use.

We understand the frustration of paying for inactive learners and unused consumables in a learning initiative. That’s why we decided to solve this industry wide problem once for all. Only pay for what is consumed and pay for your active learners. No conditions apply.

Flexible, hyper-personalized, and Cost-effective solutions

With advanced analytics and reporting capabilities, Techademy’s ULXP enables organizations like yours to gain valuable insights, optimize training strategies, and drive continuous improvement in talent development.

Pricing models that perfectly fit into your budget

We offer two pricing models to cater to the specific needs of enterprises: subscriptions and a pay-as-you-use model.

Techademy's pay-per-user offering is about

Cost-effective solutions with transparent pricing based on actual usage

Zero upfront costs or really long-term commitments

Scalability to accommodate fluctuations in user numbers

Flexibility to add or remove users as needed

Complete control over your learning budget

How Our LXP works in the real world
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