Every Test Is Different. Don’t Settle For Restrictions.

Your one-stop-shop for the most flexible and secure options for proctoring exams online.

A true end-to-end solution.

Most providers only do remote proctoring one way. Techademy supports multiple types of proctoring so that you can configure every exam with the security level and options most appropriate for the test.

Auto Proctoring

Auto proctoring is an AI-based automated proctoring technology that uses student’s webcams, and microphone feeds for auto invigilation.

  • Video: Check’s candidates video feed to raise flags in case of any suspicious activity in the live video
  • Audio: Check candidates audio feeds and raises flags in case of additional human voices in the vicinity

Live Proctoring

Best suited for low-stakes exams, proctors review the recorded video feed of students, ascertaining the flags generated by the AI bot.

  • One-to-many proctoring
  • One-to-one proctoring

Simplest way to ensure secure, reliable exams.

Seamlessly integrate with diverse testing platforms, works in the browser and does not require the installation of extensions, plug-ins and third-party software.

Disables: Browsers and Tabs, Search Engines, Screensharing, Virtual Machines, External Ports, Cut-Copy-Paste, Data Sharing

What You Get With Techademy’s Assessment Platform

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Examination Platform to conduct large scale or one-on-one examinations based on need

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Anti-cheating technology to maintain exam credibility

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Evaluation platform to automate evaluation management

Conduct Conduct Scalable, Cost-Effective, And Cloud Based Remote Proctored Tests

Evaluation + Proctoring

Proctoring tech integrated within Techademy

Proctoring Integrations

Quickly integrate our proctoring service to your existing learning platform through APIs

We integrate seamlessly to all popular LMSs

How Our LXP works in the real world
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