7 Binge-worthy E-learning Trends of 2024

February 22, 2022


E-learning is constantly evolving and changing. And while some changes can be a little bit scary (hello, eLearning 3.0), others are just downright binge-worthy. So, if you’re curious about what’s hot in e-learning right now, look no further!

There’s no doubt about it – e-learning is the future of L&D. And with good reason! It’s a great way to upskill, cross-skill, and boost your career. But with so much out there, it can be tough to know where to start. So, we’ve put together a list of 8 binge-worthy e-learning trends that are sure to keep you entertained and informed. Check them out! 






























There are a lot of activities happening in the eLearning space, and we have shortlisted a significant eight of them for your business. 

1. The e in eLearning stands for Ease of Access 

Modern L&D needs to be easily accessible, whether it is using online Learning Experience Platform Learning Experience Platform or mobile apps for learning, the ease of access now determines the effectiveness of learning programs in the remote learning world. It means that the learner can take courses from anywhere at any time. With everyone working/learning from home, the learning platforms also need to be accessible with lesser bandwidth of internet connections.   

2. Hyper-personalised Learning 

The workforce of today consists of people from at least 3 generations. The learning styles of each of them is vastly different from one another. Gen Z is tech-savvy, prefer latest gadgets, have less attention-spans, and are highly adaptable with various applications and software. Millennials are adaptable, prefer learning in the form of nuggets, and struggle as they balance their work and life. While the others prefer a personal touch to learning and would learn better in synchronous and peer-based settings. Creating hyper-personalised learning initiatives (that too online) has become the only way for effective learning and development.  

3. Cross-skilling and Re-skilling 

Reskill and cross-skilling has been a trend throughout last year and this year as tech evolved at a much higher pace. Roles have diversified and employees had to learn new skills for their existing roles as well. This has further emphasized the importance of cross-skilling and reskilling in this year and it will continue in 2022. 

4. Online Compliance Courses  

Online compliance training includes topics related to anti-harassment, ethics, diversity, data protection, and privacy. It also covers workplace safety and cybersecurity issues. With remote working, global boundaries are being blurred. It has become essential for employees to be aware of global norms and compliance policies. Along with regular training initiatives, compliance training has also gained importance while planning L&D for employees. Businesses are using LMS and other platforms to track the status of completion for these courses as well. 

5. Social Skills Training 

Another crucial contemporary and learning trend 2022 is getting your employees trained with social skills. These include soft skills, vital for an organization, project execution, teamwork, client servicing and many more workplace responsibilities. Tech skills with social skills will make your employees highly productive.  

6. Virtual Instructor-Led Training 

For people who want a personal instructor majorly to solve queries and get clear guidance, this method is still the most popular way of learning. VILT offers the option to learn virtually with the added advantage of mentor or a trainer. This increases interaction and boosts engagement as well. Your employees can learn remotely and can also refer to the course later through recordings. 

7. Gamification 

Gamification, VR, and AR are enhancing the learning experiences of employees and are also driving course completion rates. Businesses are now venturing into fresh and innovative methods of learning and development so that the learners are engaged as well as the skill retention is higher. 

Customized eLearning Modules 

Every employee is different in their understanding, preference, and level of knowledge. Companies are adopting customized eLearning modules to cater to specific requirements to learn work skills. 

These shifts and trends are visible across the business community. Businesses are implementing eLearning as the modern, innovative, effective way to upskill their employees and boost the overall business ecosystem. 

Create an impactful L&D plan in line with learning trends of the industry! 

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