Insights Into Corporate Learning Assessments For Tech Businesses

February 19, 2024

Technology evolves rapidly. This pace creates a key challenge for tech businesses – ensuring their teams’ skills stay relevant.

This necessitates regular, effective training to prevent outdated skill sets and keep talent competitive. However, without assessments, management lacks data to analyze and demonstrate training ROI.

This measurement gap means tech leaders risk misspent resources on misaligned content failing to adequately upskill for future roles.

Corporate learning assessments address this.

Platforms like Techademy Yaksha provide insights into strengths, gaps, and dynamically adapt assessments to the evolving tech landscape. This preparation for tomorrow’s needs integrates seamlessly into current learning.

This article explores assessments’ critical role in building adaptable, future-ready tech teams.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Qualitative Insights Into How Your Corporate Learning Assessment Should Be
  • Quantitative Insights Into Corporate Learning Assessments
  • Final Thoughts
  • Why Techademy Yaksha Is An Ideal Platform For All Tech Corporate Learning Assessments

Qualitative Insights Into How Your Corporate Learning Assessment Should Be

Corporate learning assessments play an important role in analyzing the effectiveness of your corporate training. There are certain aspects L&D leaders should consider to enhance the qualitative impact.


Customizing the learning journey can often be a benefit. Tech organizations that use adaptive training to deliver different training content and learning sessions agree that personalization takes their employees a long way. However, assessments should also be a component of that tailored learning path. 

Along with every other aspect of adaptive training, you should consider the difficulty level, the employee’s current expertise, their previous experience with the subject matter or concepts, and more. If you’re doing this right from the start while designing the training program, choosing the necessary assessments should come quite easily.

Clear and Concise

Creating very complicated assessments will only perplex and confuse your employees. Assessments must be clear and consistent with the training course’s objectives and targets. There should be no scope for misunderstandings. An assessment is likely to be more successful if your questions are specific. The assessments should be phrased accurately to minimize disarray.

Strategic Trick Questions

Strategic trick questions, when used sparingly, can provide unique insights into critical thinking abilities. Rather than inherently negative, unpredictable questions demonstrate how well learners apply knowledge in unexpected situations.

Thoughtfully designed trick questions complement direct content questions to give a balanced assessment. They allow for the evaluation of both fundamental understanding and essential skills such as logical reasoning, analysis, and creative problem-solving.

With an understanding of how to optimize the quality of corporate learning assessments, let’s explore some compelling statistics that demonstrate their quantitative impact.

Quantitative Insights Into Corporate Learning Assessments

Assessments based on corporate learning can help businesses better align their goals with their workforce’s skill set. Let us see what numbers tell us.

Employees Want Corporate Training!

Corporate training is often pinned on the HR leaders. But according to a survey study by Survey Monkey, we know that 59% of employees state that corporate training and learning enhance their overall job performance.
Therefore, the goal now should be to create customized and interactive corporate learning assessments that help organizations reach their goals and employees enhance their performance. 

Techademy Yaksha is one such platform that can help your HR leaders create customized assessments and help the workforce and organization flourish.

Assessments are Valuable

Additionally, assessments provide value in other ways. According to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 30% of learning and development (L&D) professionals are already leveraging the power of assessments during training in addition to tactics like hands-on projects and role-playing. You can do it too with Techademy Yaksha!

Enhanced Job Engagement

There is a notion that when employees are being provided corporate training, it is just for the benefit of the organization. There is a different side to it. 

A study conducted by Axonify’s State of Workforce training found that 92% of employees think that the training or learning at their workplace positively impacts their job engagement. HR leaders can hugely benefit from creating engaging corporate learning assessments based on the different tech skills using a versatile platform like Techademy Yaksha.

Corporate Learning Attracts Employees

What are the general ways HR leaders or company executives use to retain their skilled employees at work? Appraisals, promotions, monthly or quarterly functions, extra leaves, and more. 

Beyond attracting top talent, effective assessments also correlate to employees staying longer in their roles. BuiltIn found that 45% of employees are more inclined to stay in their roles at the organization if they are provided more training. With Techademy Yaksha, HR leaders get a platform to create tech assessments on more than 30 domains and for multiple use cases in the organization.

Effective Corporate Training = Money Savings

Ensuring impactful and effective employee training programs is crucial for any organization. According to recent research by Shift, companies risk incurring unnecessary losses of up to $13,500 per employee annually when training is not properly aligned with organizational needs and employee skill gaps.

A practical solution we have found valuable is conducting customized learning assessments to evaluate the true impact of programs after completion. Using Techademy Yaksha to build relevant, role-based tests catered to the objectives of each of our internal programs. This targeted evaluation strategy has been hugely beneficial in highlighting when and where additional training may be required. More importantly, we get an objective benchmark for the ROI of the learning and development investments based on demonstrated changes in employee capability.

Final Thoughts

Corporate learning in tech organizations has evolved significantly, reflecting a shift towards more innovative and effective training assessment platforms. The statistics underline the global impact of corporate learning, highlighting the necessity for tools that can better align with both employee and organizational goals. Incorporating training needs analysis, pulse reports, and post-training analysis into your strategy can significantly enhance the return on investment in learning. These approaches ensure that training is not just a box-ticking exercise but a strategic tool for developing skills and competencies that match the business’s evolving needs.

In summary, the numbers speak for themselves – strategic corporate learning assessments provide tremendous value across the employee lifecycle while delivering strong ROI. Now, let’s explore how Techademy Yaksha offers an ideal platform to reap these benefits.

Why Techademy Yaksha Is An Ideal Platform For All Tech Corporate Learning Assessments

While psychometric and soft skills assessments have their place, Techademy Yaksha is purpose-built for the tech domain. Here’s why it’s your ideal choice:

  • Customizable Assessments: Techademy Yaksha offers on-demand, role-specific assessments that align with tech stacks, skills, and projects. Recruiters, managers, and L&D professionals can fine-tune assessments to pinpoint exceptional tech talent.
  • Advanced Insights: Generate comprehensive competency maps and insightful reports. Dive deep into learner analytics to understand strengths, gaps, and growth areas.
  • Adaptive and Auto-Graded Assessments: Techademy Yaksha’s adaptive assessments adapt to learners’ needs, while auto-grading ensures efficiency.
  • Project-Based Assessments: Real-world scenarios, embedded Intellisense, and microservices architecture enhance learning outcomes.
  • Collaborative Coding Assessments: Foster teamwork and assess coding prowess simultaneously.
  • Skill Accreditation and Role-Based Assessments: With a vast library of 500,000+ MCQs, Yaksha covers the tech spectrum.
  • Interview-as-a-Service: Tap into 10,000+ SME interviewers for end-to-end tech hiring.
  • AI Proctoring: Secure, scalable, and compliant assessments.

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FAQs About Corporate Learning Assessments

What is the concept of Corporate learning?

Corporate learning is a concept where tech businesses invest in the learning for their employees to enhance their technical skills. It is the capacity of the organization to acquire, apply and share knowledge which helps them to discover new solutions, which eventually helps their efficiency and productivity. 

Corporate learning is a primary concept of any organization, to make its employees more efficient and keep them up to date on the current technology and trends. It also has a track of the impact of the learning process on their employees.

These are the factors to take measure in employees:

  1. Effectiveness
  2. Identify needs
  3. ROI measurement
  4. Continuous improvement
  5. Alignment with goals 
  6. Employee engagement

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