Talent Acquisition

Skill Assessment & Recommendation

Skill Assessment and Recommendation Engine

Interviewer as a Service

Streamline Hiring with Interviewer-as-a-Service

Role-based/ Stack-based Assessment

Role-based and Stack-based Assessments for Tech Teams


Fuel Project Success with Talent-On-Demand

Talent Deployment

Learning before Joining

Boost Onboarding Success with Learn Before Joining

Project Readiness and Deployment

Prepare Your Teams for Deployment

Bench to Billability

Get new hires to full productivity faster


Cross-skill, Upskill, Reskill and Expert Skill your Workforce

Talent Skilling

Stack-based Skilling

Stack-Based Assessments for Hiring and Skilling

Role-based Skilling

Role-based Skilling for Key Tech Roles

Continuous Learning

Embrace the power of continuous learning for lifelong growth.


Objective-driven learning experiences that combine the theory, technical knowledge

Talent Management

Competency Mapping

Competency Mapping Frameworks for Tech Teams

Skill Accreditation

Customized Skill Accreditations for Tech Teams

Skill Ontology

Harness the Power of Skill Ontology with Techademy LXP

Skill inventory management

Skill Inventory Management for Tech Teams