14 Factors to Consider When Choosing Mentoring Platforms

February 17, 2024

In the tech world, the incorporation of talent development and mentoring programs isn’t just a checkbox on a to-do list. Forbes quotes that companies harness 18% better than average profits while also decreasing the loss when they opt for mentoring programs. 

Owing to its huge relevance, the choice of online mentoring platforms should be among the key considerations for every HR or L&D leader in a leading tech organization. With enough stating of its significance, let’s get to action with an understanding of how to choose and implement an ideal mentoring platform.

What Factors To Consider When Choosing Mentoring Platforms

We will precisely discuss the 14 factors that will help in choosing the best mentoring platform for you:

#1 Extensive Offerings

With communication platforms like Zoom and Google Meet serving the role of education delivery and offering room for doubt-solving through in-house mentors, an employee mentoring platform is expected to deliver something more attractive. The organizations must opt for additional features with better insights and reporting systems. The mentoring platform should have the ability to attract learners and increase their information retention and activeness during the session.

#2 Centralized Employee Data

The information regarding every employee must be available on a single platform. It should offer key insights into employees’ learning, which must include their learning patterns, progress, chosen programs, weaknesses and strengths, areas and suggestions for improvement, and other similar information, all in one place. Hovering around through different sections is not recommended due to waste of time and lack of interest in using the system due to chaos.

#3 Affordability

The companies looking forward to increasing their growth would require something affordable. It should perfectly fit the budget of organizations while offering all the key services required for their growth.

#4 Customer Support

Issues with any mentoring platform software are obvious. The immediate solution to the problem to avoid hindrances in the workflow is the responsibility of the provider offering the mentoring platform. 24*7 available customer support is one of the prime requirements when looking for any software. Ensure to check the same.

#5 User-friendliness

Companies house both newcomers and older employees in need for improvement and skill-up. Complex technology friendliness is quite uncommon in such scenarios for experienced employees. To meet the needs and demands of the organizations, user-friendliness with ease of navigation across the mentoring software platform should be available. This will also remove the requirement for training, further reducing the time and cost.

#6 Global Access

Organizations operating in remote settings or across the globe would necessarily need the feature. If you are among them, additional support for regional languages in your mentoring platform will be beneficial. It will speed up the learning process as your employees will be comfortable switching to their language rather than focusing solely on English. It will result in higher productivity.

#7 All time access

Organizational employees face dynamic demands in their jobs and thus require flexibility in learning. Eliminating the learning system to meet the need for learning and information, the mentoring platform should be compatible with the schedule of individual employees. Thus, the all-time access should be mandatorily present in the mentoring platform of choice.

#8 Multi-device compatibility

With the possibility to learn anytime and anywhere, the add-on feature of multi-device compatibility will be an additional benefit. It will enhance the options for learning. The mentoring platform offering multi-device compatibility is the only one aspect to serve the true meaning of a flexible software solution.

#9 Personalization

If you would need a conventional course for your employees, a simple skill up course would serve the need. Looking for a mentoring platform indicates your requirement for organization-specific needs. Ensure the mentoring platform under your consideration fulfills your employees’ needs. A mentoring platform should be flexible to schedule the courses and get mentor-on-demand for every or any course and learning path of choice.

#10 No limitations

The requirement of employees for technical or job-specific assistance can arise at any time, regardless of their enrollment in any course. A mentoring platform specific to the organization must offer solutions to all the employees anytime. Ensure you have access to synchronous and asynchronous mentoring for your employees.

#11 Onboarding

One of your considerations must be the smooth onboarding of all the employees. While this would not be tedious for a startup mentoring platform choice, organizations with a good number of employees need to focus on the aspect. It should be less time-consuming and must not require employee-specific participation or involvement.

#12 Security

Security is an important concern for any organization. Ensure the mentoring platform provider considers it equally important and has considerations to keep the compromise in check. It should include the safety of private information about the company, employees, and their course of action on the platform, along with any other information. Efficient measures must be already taken to avoid the possibility of data breaches.

#13 Improvements

The mere presence of a mentoring platform is not a task. Maintaining it while enhancing its effectiveness and utilization is critical and requires consistent efforts. The mentoring platform must offer guidance to the employees imparting information. Besides simply informing about the attention span, suggestions to make improvements are also required. The mentoring platform should deliver the same, along with personalized insights.

#14 Scalability

Keeping the aim high, the ultimate aim of the organization in adopting a mentoring platform is growth. It is in terms of both revenue and people. The accommodation of an ideal mentoring platform promises long-term retention of employees with the company.

A Solution to the Need: Techademy Virtutor

Techademy, a result-driven company, offers Techademy Virtutor as a mentoring platform for employee education in business industries. For owners seeking a one-stop solution to all their mentoring needs, here is what you get at Techademy Virtutor:

  • Presence of around 8000 SMEs with acceptance of organizations’ in-house mentors to our platform 
  • Personalized guidance with 360-degree feedback to enhance learner engagement and information retention
  • Programs designed with organization-specific analysis
  • Practical insights into the areas of improvement
  • Automatic attendance and recording
  • Mentor availability on-demand for any and every course and customized learning path 
  • Integration with LXP/Learning Ecosystems 
  • End-to-end trainer and session management 
  • Clear insights through detailed dashboards and reporting 
  • Remote option to ensure uninterrupted access all the time 
  • All-time accessibility to doubt-solving with both/any of the world-class industry experts and internal SMEs
  • Freedom to schedule sessions based on employee convenience rather than forcing a school resembling system

Why Choose Techademy Virtutor?

Among multiple offering employee mentoring services, here is what sets us apart and benefits you in choosing us:

  • Engaging method of teaching through collaborative whiteboard. It allows for sharing external videos, giving presentations, and keeping the session interactive. 
  • Obtain the personalized dashboard, calendar, text editor, and tools for collaborative activities such as breakout rooms, polls, annotations, and note-sharing 
  • Both learning and assignment-based access flexibility 
  • Customization to meet the organization’s expectations and requirements, enhancing the result percentage 
  • Subscription-based service does not bind you to mandatorily take our offerings for a long, specific period of time. Try us with flexibility and decide for yourself. 
  • Secure payment models 
  • Freedom to choose multiple skill sets for both the employees and employers 
  • Effortlessly choose or block future sessions based on trainer visibility 
  • Dedicated tenant portal with white labeling

Skyrocket Your Efficiency With Techademy Virtutor From Techademy

With the importance of the mentoring platform being non-negotiable, finding a perfect match is a task. Numerous large promises and high costs from the mentoring platform providers make the decision-making process time-consuming. What if someone promises clear insights with the demo? And what if their solution is customizable to organizational needs and offers a personalized approach for the employees? 

There won’t be any better promising deal than this. Techademy, while delivering as promised, offers intriguing features in its mentoring platform, Techademy Virtutor. Standing apart from the other educational and mentoring platforms, our service to top clients is proof of our quality work. Do not believe the words but the exceptional numbers delivered by the Techademy and our mentoring platform. For more information on how we suit you, Book a Demo now.

FAQs about Mentoring Platforms

Q1. What is Techademy Virtutor?

It is a tutoring platform that allows organizations to meet their learning requirements. Offering numerous quality mentors, it offers more, including self-schedule sessions, engaging interactions and sessions, personalized learning, and so much more.

Skillup only focuses on learning the individual and building their skill set with hands-on experience. Mentoring employees is a more organization-specific idea that helps the employees outperform themself in their current settings through required learning and improvement. It also offers guidance from expert and experienced mentors who have trodden on the same path, putting them in the right position to give advice.

Of course. Techademy Virtutor offers organizations the option to ‘Request a Demo’ for insights and effective decision-making.

The incorporation of interactive learning with monitoring of attention span and multiple other features is aimed at keeping the learning curve positive. However, organizations in disagreement with the fact or the organizations, in general, are free to utilize Techademy Techademy Virtutor to learn from their mentors along with our mentioned services.

The short sessions at Techademy Virtutor take up a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 60 minutes of the employee’s time. The stated span of active learning ensures no mental exhaustion or tiredness among the learners that would inhibit them from carrying out their routine jobs.

On-demand sessions are just a click away with the fast availability within 5 minutes.

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