General vs. Role-Specific Pre-Joining Learning

February 9, 2024

New hiring is always a new venture for any organization. HR leaders prepare different departments in the company to welcome new hires. It can be an overwhelming and time-consuming process for various departments in an organization. 

What could help your organization to smoothen and streamline the hiring process?

Several organizations go for a pre-joining learning process where your employees can be trained before their onboarding. General pre-joining training and role-specific and competency-based training are different types of training processes any organization could sign up for. Role-specific training can help your employees enhance their specific technical skills for their job roles. 

Techademy’s Learning Before Joining is a leading initiative that can help your employees get the required tech training before they are on board for their job roles.

What is General Pre-Joining Learning?

General pre-joining training serves as the basis around which effective onboarding processes are formed. Organizations build the framework for long-term engagement and retention by providing new hires with essential details about the company’s culture, principles, goals, and strategy before they even walk through the door. 

From comprehending business policies to engaging themselves in organizational principles, new employees learn essential insights that pave the way for smooth integration into the organization’s environment.

Benefits of General Pre-Joining Learning

Here are some of the benefits of having general training before joining for your employees.

Employee Satisfaction and Retention

Investing in all aspects of pre-joining learning will boost employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention rates by giving new hires the skills, resources, and assistance they need to succeed in their roles.

Enhanced Productivity

General pre-joining learning can speed up the learning curve and make sure that new employees are ready to get right into their projects by providing them with the appropriate knowledge, tools, and resources before they begin. 

This leads to measurable business outcomes by improving individual performance as well as team productivity and efficiency.

Fostering Better Engagement

Creating a sense of involvement and belonging among newly hired employees is one of the main advantages of general pre-joining learning. Even before they formally join the team, organizations can help new hires feel appreciated, accepted, and incorporated into their new workplace by training them about the culture, values, and objectives of the company. 

This feeling of belonging serves as the foundation for persistent employee engagement, dedication, and commitment.

Limitations of General Learning Before Joining

There are certain limitations to general pre-joining learning.

  • Some employees may find general pre-joining learning irrelevant because it does not specifically address the demands and requirements of various roles within the organization.
  • Considering its extensive range, pre-joining learning in general may only touch the surface of some topics, which could leave new hires lacking in some key conceptual skills.

What is Role-Specific Pre-Joining Learning?

Role-specific pre-joining learning offers new hires customized training experiences that are suited to their particular duties and responsibilities, going beyond one-size-fits-all methods. Employees undergo specialized training that gives them the skills they require to succeed in their roles, from industry expertise and industry standards to job-specific talents. 

Organizations make sure new employees have the necessary skills to fulfill all aspects of their roles and make valuable contributions towards the goals of the company by attending to the particular requirements for every role.

Benefits of Role-Specific Pre-Joining Learning

Enhanced Performance

Workers feel more engaged and give their best work on projects when they receive specific training that is relevant to their roles. The investment in their development and achievement promotes higher levels of job satisfaction, as well as an ideal organizational culture and image.

Customized Learning Path

Function-specific pre-joining learning concentrates on the most essential and relevant elements for every function, which expedites the onboarding process. New employees receive tailored teaching that equips them for the specific obstacles and duties they are going to encounter in their employment, saving time on generic training.

Organizational Success

Organizations can attain increased levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and creativity by guaranteeing that their staff have the necessary skills to carry out their roles from the very start.

General vs. Role-Specific Pre-Joining Learning

Here is a summary to better understand the differences.

Pre-Joining Learning Comparison
General Pre-Joining Learning Role-Specific Pre-Joining Learning
Covers broad subjects applicable to all employees, covering topics like company culture, regulations, and fundamental job abilities. Concentrates on offering knowledge and role-specific training that is relevant to each employee's unique work duties and responsibilities.
Gives a thorough rundown of the topics, covering the most significant details. Enhances insight into role-specific responsibilities by offering comprehensive training on job-specific activities, procedures, tools, and best practices.
It might not specifically address the demands and particular duties of every position in the company. Specifically designed to meet the distinct knowledge needs, skill requirements, and work responsibilities associated with each role.
Gives a broad understanding and skills that are applicable to an array of roles, but they might not have a direct bearing on how well a person performs in a particular capacity. Increases productivity and retention by providing workers with the role-specific knowledge, expertise, and resources they need to succeed in their roles.
Since content can be repurposed for several batches of new workers, it usually takes less time and resources to design and deliver. Can take longer to build and require more resources because each job type requires customization and specialization.
Lays the groundwork for continuous improvement and learning, but it might not have a direct impact on long-term job growth and role promotion. Provides specialized training that is in line with employees' career trajectories and goals, helping them gain the skills and competencies required to advance in their positions.
Can be minimally customized and applied consistently to every new hire. Needs to be adapted and customized to fit the particular demands and specifications of various job functions within the company.

Techademy Learning Before Joining Program

The Techademy Learning Before Joining program is a role-specific based training that is conducted before the new hires join the companies. The main objective of the training is to prepare their employees for the first day completely. The training can be conducted in different phases. The training timeline is from 6 to 18 months in which experienced trainers train and mentor the new hires for the ideal first day in their job role.

Distinct Features

Here are some of the distinctive features of Learning Before Joining by Techademy.

  • Savings on induction costs 
  • Role-fitment before salary begins
  • Early onboarding
  • Day 1 deployment
  • Early talent recognition
  • Visible onboarding

During this program, HR leaders can leverage the benefits of Techademy solutions like

  • Techademy Virtutor for on-demand mentoring of your new hires.
  • Techademy MakeMyLabs for hands-on role-specific training using various tools and software to elevate the tech skillset of your employees.
  • Techademy Yaksha for customized assessments of the training provided.

Embrace the Role-Based Training by Techademy

Pre-onboarding is the period of time that falls between an applicant signing an offer letter and their initial day of work at your organization. This is an opportunity to enlighten new hires about the company and its regulations, set objectives for them when they begin, and make sure they have a great first day.

Pre-onboarding is a useful tool for acclimating new hires to their new work environment. On their first day, new hires are not struck and can ramp up considerably faster. In addition, you may increase worker engagement right away and save a significant amount of time. Techademy Learning Before Joining initiates pre-onboarding for new hires prior to their first day of employment. You can create a pre-onboarding process for new employees and communicate the necessary details. Book your demo today!

FAQs on General vs. Role-Specific Pre-Job Learning

Q1. Why Techademy Learning Before Joining?

Techademy Learning Before Joining is a versatile program that ensures easy onboarding of employees in the tech organization. The training process includes tech experts who offer specialized training for job-specific skills.

Techademy learning before joining offers the following benefits to HR leaders:

  • Easy onboarding process
  • Job-specific trained new hires
  • Induction costs savings

Techademy Learning Before Joining has provided pre-joining training and has trained more than 25,000 graduates across more than 40 customers to be project-ready from day one of their jobs.

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