Guide to Implementing Pre-Joining Learning Programs

February 18, 2024

With quite a distinction between preboarding and onboarding, the companies with the mindset to leverage the maximum potential of the two are tasting success. Fortune 500 companies hold the process dear to ensure a seamless transition from a candidate to a valued employee. Including every major and minor aspect in an organized manner, the preboarding and pre-joining formalities are a must to consider. 

Eliminating the companies’ lower employee retention rate and engagement by filling the new hires with excitement to join their new workplace, the pre-onboarding process holds high significance.  Let’s learn why and how this aspect works.

What are Pre-Joining Formalities?

Pre-joining time is the period between the employee hiring after signing the offer letter and before the first day of work. The pre-joining process or formalities are carried out during the stated period and involve multiple actions such as paperwork completion, the familiarity of the employees with their teams, colleagues, and seniors, enlightening them about their job role, and informing them about the training process required to fulfill their duties in alignment with company’s objectives. Companies are generally recommended to create a pre-joining checklist to not miss out on critical aspects and ensure fulfillment of the steps in the process.

Challenges For the Companies Without Pre-Joining Learning

Why would a company invest in pre-joining learning activities? Is it extra lavish and possible only with Fortune 500 companies? No. It is the strategy to remove the growth hindrances, remove losses, and gain profits simultaneously. Here are some challenges faced in the absence of pre-joining learning programs:

Delayed Productivity

The pre-joining learning gets the new hires accustomed to the company’s culture, environment, and their specific job role. It makes the employees well aware of all the elements that a company lacking pre-joining facilities would have faced on day one. It helps eliminate the adaptation time, which would have led to delayed productivity.

Mismatched Expectation

The companies lacking pre-joining formalities and learning are dependent on the expectation from the employee to have a complete understanding of deliveries. In the scenario of inability to meet the expectation, the loss is to the company itself. Pre-onboarding eliminates the situation by rewarding the employees everything beforehand and allowing them time and resources to prepare themself accordingly.

Reduced Engagement

The employees are more likely to feel disoriented and demotivated due to a lack of pre-joining formalities and learning. This could lead to lower productivity and employees looking for newer and better opportunities. The consequence, either way, will be higher turnover for the company.

Issues Building Relationships

Lack of interaction with the stakeholders, teams, and colleagues beforehand, not knowing their requirements and principles towards the work leads to hit and trial methods for learning. While the method is accurate, the cost incurred to the company during the situation is not positive. The interaction and details conveyed during the pre-joining formalities offer a solution to avoid the problem.

How Techademy Implements Pre-Joining Learning Program?

Techademy offers three platforms to serve as the solution for an efficient pre-joining learning program. Let’s get a little detail about each for better insights:

Techademy LXP

Here companies get an integrated and unified LXP as a solution for talent skilling, deployment, mobility, and talent management. The components are: 

  • Techademy LMS: It offers a standalone Learning Management System and advanced insightful learner analytics. Companies can measure and improve the ROI of the training programs. 
  • Techademy Lite: Also referred to as Techademy LMS+, where companies get Techademy’s proprietary standalone LMS, learning content, knowledge-based assessments, and personalized dashboards. 
  • Techademy Prime: We also call it Techademy Lite+. You will get all the previous features and the additional ones, which are role-based, collaborative, and project-based assessments, along with other facilities offered through another platform.

Techademy MakeMyLabs

We offer this solution as ‘Infrastructure as a service.’ Here the companies get a secure environment for practice, learning, and experimentation. The detailed offerings are: 

  • Opportunity to experiment in a sandbox environment without impacting the company’s production 
  • Ability to create dedicated IDE frameworks 
  • Set up the production mimicking environments for familiarity and strategy development 
  • Freedom to choose between public, private, and cloud labs based on  the company’s requirement 
  • No limitations on the flexible and scalable operations while handling the private cloud 
  • Build customized configuration systems 
  • Affordable system with close monitoring of the usage and payment only for the used service 
  • Open to build additional custom features

Techademy Virtutor

It is the dedicated service that provides the mentors on demand but expands further to provide multiple other facilities. Here is what to expect from this solution: 

  • One-on-one guidance through self-paced learning 
  • Get urgent sessions or schedule them based on the learner’s convenience
  • Central information availability with scalability option 
  • Choose among the 10,000+ SMEs or industry experts 
  • Personalized guidance with tips and suggestions to identify strengths and shortcomings and for improvement 
  • Obtain dashboards and reports for detailed insights on employee’s progress and identification of their time to job-readiness
  • Doubt solving for all the employees regardless of their registration to the course 
  • Engaging and interactive teaching 
  • Subscription-based service
  • Lower drop-out rates of the learners/employees

Why Trust Techademy For an Efficient Pre-Joining Learning Program?

At Techademy, we believe in the freedom to make decisions based on data. Following our principles through actions, here we offer a demo including the following components that will aid in data-driven decision-making: 

  • Customized demo for the company’s use case
  • No generic pitches 
  • Actionable insights to reach the goal
  • Walk through the Techademy’s LXP to develop your ideas for customization and usage 
  • Insights into the case-studies and resources of serving more than 100 Fortune 500 companies over three decades

Revolutionize Your Pre-Joining Learning Experience with Techademy

The companies striving for growth are well aware of the importance of investment in pre-joining learning programs. If you are looking for solutions available in the market, you will find Techademy. What sets us apart is our serving more than 100 Fortune 500 companies with exceptional results. 

Our innovative and tech-driven teams are filled with SMEs, industrial experts, and the best developers and engineers in their respective fields. Theory unique insights, eye for observation and problem-solving capabilities allow the development of world-class customized solutions for our clients. Struggling to believe us? Book a Demo with us now.

FAQs about Pre-Joining Learning Programs

Q1. How is Techademy’s ULPX different from others?

The Techademy’s ULXP offers unique features that ensure high engagement. It offers project-ready training, the opportunity for the hands-on learning process, leaderboards, interactive dashboards and reports for analytics, codathon, and much more.

There are multiple widely available platforms integrated including AWS, Azure, and others.

Yes, it has expert-designed features to benefit campus hiring. With Techademy, companies need not work on the lack of candidates’ exposure to the corporate world or their rate of adaptability. Further, the candidates are made job-ready based on the company’s specifically offered budget, timelines, requirements, and outcomes.

The purpose of Techademy is simple and elegant. We are dedicated to ensuring upward professional mobility and assisting organizations in reaching their set goals and objectives.

Techademy has served the industry for more than 30 years. We have also dealt with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies. We know the requirements of the companies, and we also know how to deliver them effectively, thanks to our experts.

Pre-joining learning programs are important because it helps the newly hired employees to know the organizational  work culture, their role as employees before they join the organization. It helps them to adapt easily as the grounding factor is provided before onboarding.

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