Guide to Integrating Hands-on Labs into Corporate Training Programs

February 10, 2024

Training is an inevitable part of the company’s growth and development process. In a survey, 79% of enterprises received a live example of the increase in outcomes through online corporate training. With statistics speaking surprisingly productive facts, the incorporation of the same must be the next step in any company’s strategic roadmap. 

Meet the dynamic scenario of growth and evolution while delivering efficient results with hands-on labs. With the ease of integration and insights into the real world without compromising security and efficiency, here is a guide to exploring the world-class options available and integrating them into corporate training programs. 

Here’s what we’ll cover in this article: 

  • What are Hands-on Labs?
  • Introduction to Techademy MakeMyLabs
  • Need to Integrate Hands-on Labs into Corporate Training Programs
  • Types of Labs Available to Integrate in Corporate Training Program
  • Techademy MakeMyLabs Edge
  • Reasons to Choose Techademy MakeMyLabs 
  • Own a Virtual Lab Now with Teachademy!
  • FAQs on Integrating Hands-on Labs into Corporate Training Programs

What are Hands-on Labs?

The training of employees in any organization is a necessary task that requires resources, time, and space. However, a transformative solution emerges through the virtualization of services, presenting an innovative approach to overcome these traditional constraints. 

Virtual training labs are cloud-based training programs that offer access to all the programs, software, and environments. With ease of access through personal systems, the limitation to learning and gaining hands-on experience is eliminated. 

The compatibility of training expands to all industries, including technical and non-technical fields. The services can also welcome all the associated parties of the enterprise, such as employees as well as clients. Offering the advantage of scalability and anytime learning, delve into the details of incorporating them in training your people.

Introduction to Techademy MakeMyLabs

Techademy’s MakeMyLabs is a platform that is the best solution to ‘Infrastructure-as-a-service’. The companies get a virtual platform where they have the freedom to choose from varying types of labs. Offering technical settings and environment to any type of simple or complex lab, such as for Java, Big Data, or DevOps, everything is available at a single click. The customization to requirements and suitability of the company offers on-demand access and shared resources for tech learning.

Need to Integrate Hands-on Labs into Corporate Training Programs

Need to Integrate Hands-on Labs into Corporate Training Programs

While tech companies have employees with honed skills, the need to stay updated in the tech world is a prerequisite. Tech evolves at a much higher rate, and constant upskilling and practice are needed to stay competent. Consequently, the need to integrate hands-on labs into corporate training persists. Let us see why: 

  • To avoid errors in handling large datasets or main complex and high-value projects with previous training. 
  • Online education generally offers a linear experience. The importance of hands-on training is significant and much more through its contribution to practical skill development compared to the traditional learning approach. 
  • Setting up a training program with resources and infrastructure isn’t a practical solution for all enterprises. Furthermore, multiple companies have international clients. A cost-effective and wise approach is integrated virtual labs. 
  • Remote learning experience requires monitoring of actions and guidance. It is impossible without a well-curated system offering a standard learning and practice environment.

Techademy offers two types of cloud-based labs, which are easy to integrate into corporate training programs. Let’s dive into their details, helping L&D leaders to choose for business-specific needs:

Public Cloud

The public cloud offers hands-on learning experience through labs available on public cloud platforms. Offering the opportunity to collaborate while gaining experience, enterprises can integrate these labs for varying technologies and projects. The learners can gain knowledge and experience from real-world scenarios. Further, enterprises can customize the system configurations with ease. 

Public cloud labs are accessible on platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. But why prefer it in the scenario of easy availability of cloud services? It is to overcome the limitations posed in terms of usage and budget tracking. With Techademy MakeMyLabs, the public cloud facility is:

  • Easier to recognize the usage considering credits, service level, and day-wise duration 
  • Adaptable or allows setting up a fixed budget for a specific duration 
  • Accessible with weekly usage report to track the consumption 
  • Available with technical support 24*7

Private Cloud

Adding the feature to work in a secure environment and practice skills specific to the company and project, the private cloud lab is another excellent integration option for enterprises. The labs are open for pre-configuration or anytime configuration from employees and learners. The pre-configured technical environments align with the courses and learning paths to learn and practice skills integrated with LMS/LXP. 

Handling real-life projects becomes easy and seamless, allowing for practical learning without compromising real data. Open to work and experimentation, customized catalogs are available with a sandbox environment for both product training and product development. The virtual infrastructure too is available for collaborative learning, working, and practice.

Understanding Guided Labs

It is a specific feature available only with Techademy MakeMyLabs. The learners get a completely customized and personalized learning environment to learn at their own pace. Individuals can manage both work and personal time to upgrade their skills as per requirements. These are available for both professionals and beginners to acquire hands-on skills and introduction to new technology. 

Learners can expect to receive expert support and develop critical thinking skills through guided labs. The guided labs are suitable for coding, software development and a wide number of technical needs. Aiding to make the individuals ready to face real-world projects, the guided labs offer a structured learning path, immediate feedback, and active engagement with flexibility and a self-paced learning approach.

Techademy MakeMyLabs Edge

Techademy MakeMyLabs benefits different categories of groups in the enterprise, including


The enterprises benefit from budget-friendly plans and enhanced learning outcomes. 

  • Witness time efficiency in setting up large datasets of images and their configurations 
  • Empower the team by upskilling and enhancing the employee retention rate 
  • Offer hands-on expertise to ensure no compromise with data and security 
  • Scalability to the required levels 
  • Set-ups are easy to integrate with existing ecosystems of the company, thus requiring no extra budgets
  • Obtain reports and a dashboard to monitor the budget and lab usage while limiting the same depending on the requirement

Learning Managers

  • Excel the learning method with hands-on practice for better exposure and understanding 
  • Individualized reports to personalize the learning experience 
  • Monitor the learner’s progress and devise plans accordingly 
  • Easy and seamless integration with LMS/LXP


  • Get customized and pre-configured labs compatible with the specific requirements and skill gap 
  • Access the world-class infrastructure 
  • Learning at own pace 
  • Collaboration and exposure to real-world cases, teams, and individuals 
  • Enhanced retention skills 
  • Hands-on practice to put on skills and resume

Reasons to Choose Techademy MakeMyLabs

With a unique set of labs configured with specific needs, Techademy MakeMyLabs is a wise pick for any L&D lead. In addition to alignment with the learning path, self-paced learning, and a wide number of benefits, here are a few other reasons for encouraging the integration of Techademy’s hands-on labs with corporate training programs:

  • Enhanced security with ISO certification and regulatory compliances and alignment with client IT policy 
  • Save the time invested in repetitive configuration changes and performance issues 
  • Hundreds of pre-configured catalogs to choose from  
  • Detailed and user-friendly dashboard with easy operation ability 
  • Easily monitor the usage, consumption, and other particulars 
  • Customization to specific needs with the standard practice environment
  • Configure the templates to align them with the brand 
  • Controlled usage with 24*7 access 
  • Scalability and extensibility 
  • Saving expenditure with the auto-switch-off option of virtual machines 
  • API-driven and seamless integration 
  • Lab management and maintenance are always available with Techademy without interruption from the IT team 
  • Freedom to resume the work from the exact point while closing 
  • Extensive catalog of ready-to-use labs  
  • Follows pay for what you have used (Postpaid approach as compared to Subscription/ Enterprise license/ Prepaid approach)

Connect to Virtual Labs Now with Teachademy!

Connect to Virtual Labs Now with Teachademy!

Training the employees with specifically dedicated time and resources can be a constant challenge for your enterprise. Now you have a solution! 

Techademy, aimed to solve issues pertaining to learning, talent acquisition, upskilling, company growth, and more, brings a combination of technology and ideas. With advanced technology solving your concerns, they present virtual labs. 

Possessing key characteristics of easy integration with the corporate training programs, the hands-on labs from Techademy respect and guarantee privacy and security. With three different types of labs to choose from, the problems solved here are multiple. Available at postpaid plans, the biggest limitations of usage, tracking, and lack of configuration are easily managed. Yet, thinking about the success? Connect and listen to our executives directly.

FAQs on Integrating Hands-on Labs into Corporate Training Programs

Q1. How does Techademy guarantee security from MakeMyLabs?

Security certifications like ISO27001, compliance with regulations like GDPR compliance, and Soc 2 Type 2 Compliance guarantee security.

Of course, having been serving the enterprises for more than 30 years, our services have been benefiting top MNCs. To name a few, we enlist Capgemini, Wipro, Cognizant, Genpact, and Infosys, among so many others.

We offer a postpaid approach in our plans. It encourages payment only for what has been used.

Varying tracking metrics such as memory consumption, network traffic, CPU usage, disk I/O, uptime, cost optimization, resource allocation, user behavior, performance optimization, and many more are available for tracking, depending on the required platform.

Techademy LXP, Yaksha, and Virtutor are proprietary platforms changing the business scenarios for good. Explore them now to identify the scope of improvement in your business.

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