Guide to Measuring the Effectiveness of Virtual Labs in Learning

February 4, 2024

The selection of a virtual lab that perfectly aligns with your industry needs is important. Forward-thinking organizations and curious minds need to discover the effectiveness of virtual labs in learning. From virtual lab meaning to uses of virtual labs, here is an answer to every quest.

Here is what we’ll cover in this article:

  • What is a Virtual Lab for Employees?
    • Virtual Lab Meaning
  • MakeMyLabs: The Virtual Lab of Techademy
    • Enterprises
    • Learning Managers
    • Individual Learners
  • Benefits of Techademy MakeMyLabs in Employee Training
  • How Can L&D Leaders Measure the Effectiveness of Virtual Labs in Employee Learning?
  • FAQs on Uses of Virtual Labs

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today."
- Malcolm X
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What is a Virtual Lab for Employees?

Virtual Lab Meaning: A virtual lab is a lab setting that is in line with business requirements and provides collaborative tools for work or training on demand. It is a dynamic training tool that allows employees to improve their knowledge, acquire new technologies, and build and practicel skills in a safe and controlled digital environment. 

Techademy MakeMyLabs is a comprehensive virtual lab solution for personalized hands-on labs, starting from basic and fundamental labs like Java to complex on-demand labs, accessible via the private/public cloud with a single click.

MakeMyLabs: The Virtual Lab of Techademy

Enhance your organization’s learning experience with MakeMyLabs, an innovative virtual lab solution designed by Techademy

  • MML saves time and ensures consistency by eradicating the requirement for repetitive configuration changes and performance tweaks.
  • It makes provisioning easy within a few clicks owing to hundreds of pre-configured
  • catalogs to choose from.
  • MakeMyLabs enables the customization of labs for every cohort. It establishes a standard practice environment and eliminates repetitive configuration.

Serving you with a pay-as-you-go model, this cost-effective platform provides tech labs that standardize learning results across your organization.


It provides tech skilling and long-lasting retention for enterprises through functional, hands-on learning experiences, meanwhile saving time and money on setup. Get complete control with precise data and dashboards, integrate effortlessly with current systems, and reap the benefits of a safe and adjustable solution.

Learning Managers

Learning Managers benefit from actionable data and seamless LMS connections, which streamline oversight and improve the efficiency of tech-skilling programs for optimum educational results.

Individual Learners

Learners benefit from ready-to-use labs, collaborative projects, and entry to excellent facilities, all of which improve skill retention.

Benefits of Techademy MakeMyLabs in Employee Training

The following are the benefits of implementing Techademy MakeMyLabs in employee training: 

Hands-on Practice in Protected Live Environments

In a secure virtual environment, Techademy MakeMyLabs allows for hands-on practice with real tools and apps. It promotes long-term skill development while increasing learner retention, participation, output, and profitability.

Critical Thinking and Relevant Skills Application

Techademy MakeMyLabs exposes your employees to real-world circumstances, encouraging critical thinking and skill application. It improves engagement, skill retention, and job satisfaction by presenting an actual understanding of the abilities required in the workplace.

An Extensive Set

The virtual labs provide an innovative and advanced catalog of ready-to-use labs for your tech employees. You can also access custom-made labs on demand. With the technology advancing every day, MML ensures that there are labs available on the recent advancements in the tech world.

Integration into Existing Learning Infrastructures and LMS

Techademy MakeMyLabs link smoothly into current learning platforms like Learning Management Systems (LMS). With their API-driven platform, Techademy MML supplements and enriches present educational paths, making actual practice an essential component of the total educational experience. It offers smooth integration into your existing infrastructure and other third-party portals.

Scalability with Performance

Techademy MakeMyLabs evolves with technology and business requirements, providing scalability and stability to the learning of the employees. It merges readily with new techniques to practice approaches and scales to suit the needs of a developing organization.

In-depth Training Analytics for Tailored Learning Paths

Techademy MML provides interactive and personalized dashboards that give insights per learner, per image, per VM and cloud resource utilization. The reports also portray the learner activities in a customized format.

Compliant Learning Environments

Techademy MakeMyLabs safeguard intellectual property (IP) and training content in Learning and Development. To prevent unauthorized access and preserve data privacy, it commits to strong security procedures, including certifications such as ISO27001 Certified, GDPR Compliant, and Soc 2 Type 2 Compliant.

Reduction in Maintenance Burden

Techademy MakeMyLabs eliminates the need to regularly update and maintain instructional content. It responds to rapid digital changes by providing adaptable, adjustable training solutions that emphasize future-proof abilities.

How Can L&D Leaders Measure the Effectiveness of Virtual Labs in Employee Learning?

You can measure the effectiveness of Techademy MakeMyLabs by accessing and evaluating the outcomes. The following are the most noteworthy things that determine the same.

1. Check Whether There is a Retention of New Skills and Knowledge

Businesses struggle to arrange timely training for their staff, which frequently results in a lack of retention of new skills and information. It is critical to build learning and development KPIs that link training to work performance in order to boost retention. 

Failure to engage participants, a lack of continuous assessments, overloading participants with too much information, not giving rapid application possibilities, and a lack of follow-up are all factors that contribute to training failure. 

Therefore, as an L&D leader, you must check whether the virtual labs employ engaging approaches and provide smaller learning modules on a more frequent basis.

2. Keep an Eye on Business Performance

A successful training strategy leads to corporate success, resulting in higher sales, improved customer service ratings, enhanced productivity, and fewer conformity and security incidents. To achieve this, businesses should set specific training goals related to business outcomes and measure their effectiveness in target regions before, during, and after training in virtual labs.

3. Determine the Recommendation Rate

In an L&D setting, to assess the value of a training program, ask your employees if they would suggest it to a coworker, hence determining the impact of the training effort.

Low recommendation rates indicate several causes. Relevance counts because employees may not see a relationship between their training and their role. In other circumstances, the training material may not be engaging enough. Look into incorporating features that strengthen the curriculum and engagement.

4. Make Actionable Strategies for Enhancing Stakeholder Perception

Sometimes, the most significant metrics for learning and growth are qualitative instead of quantitative. One of these learning and development measures is stakeholder perception. Managers, team leaders, and department heads, for example, have a direct impact on the effectiveness of training programs. They can determine whether employees can use newly learned skills on the job and track employee performance measures such as sales, safety, and productivity. Satisfaction with these criteria reflects the virtual lab’s success.

5. Investigate Training Competence

Ideally, organizations would approach learning at an easy pace, creating a perfect setting for learning free of added stress. However, this is not an achievable option. Businesses must prioritize training efficiency, which assesses how quickly workers acquire desired skills and abilities to remain competitive.

6. Check Engagement Metrics & Completion Rate

Track user participation and engagement within the MakeMyLabs dashboard. L&D leaders can monitor the time spent on different activities, system usage, response times, and any technical issues reported by users within the virtual labs to have a complete understanding of the effectiveness of the hands-on labs in employee learning. 

Additionally, keeping an eye on the completion rates of virtual labs helps understand the overall adoption and commitment of employees to the learning program.

7. Assess the Application of Knowledge

The capacity of trainees to apply information in practical skills determines their success. If they are unable to do so, it indicates an imbalance between learning, performance targets, and business requirements. This could be due to a lack of suitable training, insufficient assessments, or a lack of understanding of the needs of the employees by trainers or company leaders.

Even if the course was taught digitally, hands-on examinations may be required to assess competence. Learning analytics in LMSs can give useful data and insights by showing knowledge gaps, data silos, and other barriers to translating knowledge into relevant skills.

FAQs on Uses of Virtual Labs

Q1. How can Techademy MakeMyLabs promote active learning?

With the help of interactive dashboards that can help keep constant updates on learner activity, usage of cloud resources, progress of the employees and more, Techademy MakeMyLabs provides an active learning platform to your organization.

Learners are encouraged to participate in their learning experience actively. This is possible through thinking, discussing, discovering, and creating. They use writing and discussion to practice skills, solve issues, deal with challenging concerns, make decisions, offer solutions, and clarify concepts in their own words.

Techademy MML provides the widest range of labs. You can choose from our extensive catalog of ready-to-use labs, as well as access the ever-growing catalog to pick the latest labs​. We also offer custom labs available on demand.

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