How to Use Assessments to Improve Learning ROI?

February 14, 2024

In today’s extremely dynamic environment, improving learning ROI for tech skills training programs is important yet complex. L&D teams need scalable ways to map impact.

This is where Techademy Yaksha comes in – an advanced tool designed specifically for L&D teams seeking to:

  • Personalize assessments aligned to targeted learning goals
  • Create highly engaging learning experiences through testing
  • Form a dynamic training environment with gaming elements
  • Monitor progress in real-time to calculate true ROI
  • Uncover actionable insights from assessment data

We will learn more about this transforming platform further in this blog post. Keep reading to understand why assessments are necessary and how Techademy can help!

Why does your Organization Need Assessments?

An organization can only flourish if its employees thrive as well. Empowering your employees to reach their maximum potential and efficiency requires you to invest significantly in learning and development (L&D). 

You are able to better prepare your employees’ future growth by creating learning and development activities that are essential to them with the use of specialized skills assessments. Here are some of the reasons why L&D leaders and employees need different assessments.

Understanding Your Workforce’s Strength

Understanding your employees’ skills is essential because it informs you about what you have the ability to do right now and enables you to plan employee workloads in a way that best suits the strengths of your workforce.

Filling the Skill Gap

CVs and resumes can be missing certain specific details that can mislead an employer. It is feasible to verify a candidate’s talents by conducting skill assessments. Knowing the skills of potential employees will help you determine if they are a good fit for your position or not.

The selected individual may have strong technical skills, yet they may feel alienated if they are unable to interact and collaborate with the team effectively. Using skill assessments, hiring managers may make an informed and efficient decision on a candidate’s cultural compatibility.

Remove Bias

One of the most significant benefits of using skills assessment is the elimination of bias from hiring and appraisal processes. Following a skills assessment, the results generated will be founded on details and offer an unbiased, thorough evaluation of the skills offered by a prospective or existing employee.

Upskilling and Reskilling

With thorough knowledge of the workforce’s skills and competencies – and a thorough understanding of what competencies the organization requires – HR leaders may expand employee potential, grow the ensemble of expertise, and reskill and upskill their employees to fit evolving company demands.

Better Productivity

Employees are more actively involved within the workplace when they are given more authority over their positions and careers. The business sees an increase in overall retention and productivity and a decrease in turnover.

The organization as an entirety becomes unified on the skills that are necessary and valuable for the business to flourish because the business’s long-term objectives are closely linked to its employees’ and HR leaders’ skills.

Techademy Yaksha: A Ultimate Platform for Tech Assessments

Techademy Yaksha is an innovative assessment platform, reinventing how assessments are carried out and used in tech corporations. It is the leading-edge, fully proctored, highly configurable, intelligent assessment platform that helps organizations create and choose skill assessments. 

Techademy Yaksha is more than just a platform; it’s a force for transformation in the field of learning and development. Techademy Yaksha substantially improves learning outcomes and eventually redefines the assessment framework by providing L&D professionals with the tools they need to conduct efficient assessments, analyze data-driven insights, and increase employee engagement.

Together with improving learning curricula and providing access to an online laboratory to perform practical experiments, it helps reduce the skill gap in the workforce and helps employees gain hands-on expertise with emerging technology. It assists Talent leaders in delineating the fundamental competencies and skills of their workforce and creating a well-defined trajectory for their professional growth.  

Furthermore, given the learning targets are in line with company goals, it provides a bonus for the company aiming to reskill its bench employees to get ready for project deployments. Employees’ courses of study could then be tailored to be outcome-oriented and role-specific. It allows them to get customized training that is directly related to their present or future job demands and professional goals.

Features of Techademy Yaksha

The distinctive features of Techademy Yaksha make it an ideal tool to help your HR and L&D leaders get the perfect skills in their employees and also bring in a profitable ROI in learning and development.

  • The hyper-personalized dashboard provides customized assessments according to the needs of the organization.
  • It offers a vast library of skills for a tech organization to choose from.
  • Secure, scalable, and accessible with compliance with all the regulations and standards.
  • Dedicated weekly, monthly, and quarterly customer support team member governance calls.
  • Customizable reports according to specific requirements.
  • Techademy Yaksha platform support through chatbot, live calls, chats, and orientation.
  • Secure platform fortified with Microsoft AI offering admin proctors, real-time proctor-candidate chat, and real-time face tracking.

How to Use Techademy Yaksha to Improve Learning ROI?

Personalizing Assessments for Targeted Learning: One of the primary methods for increasing learning ROI with Techademy Yaksha is to personalize assessments to coincide with stated learning objectives closely. Using this platform, L&D leaders may design assessments that are specifically tailored to the concepts and skills they want to enhance in their employees. 

Fostering Engagement Through Assessments: Crafting assessments that cater to varied preferences fosters engagement. Techademy Yaksha thrives at engagement, which is essential for effective learning. Better engagement translates to a comprehensive understanding of the material. This, in turn, contributes to a more impactful learning experience and, ultimately, a higher ROI.

Creating a Dynamic Learning Environment: The platform creates a dynamic and captivating learning environment by incorporating interactive exams, gamification features, and real-time feedback mechanisms.

Monitoring Progress and Calculating Learning ROI: Techademy Yaksha gives instructors the resources they need to monitor employee progress. Not only can the HR leaders keep track of the progress, but they can also calculate the learning ROI using the various metrics provided. 

Drawing Actionable Insights from Assessment Data: L&D leaders may evaluate the outcome of assessments on employee progress and overall organizational objectives by establishing precise metrics that are in line with learning objectives. Identify trends, gaps, and areas for improvement to transform assessment data into powerful tools for continuous enhancement.

"Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies."

- Lawrence Bossidy, Former COO of General Electric

General Benefits

The general benefits of using the one-in-all Techademy Yaksha platform that could give your organization quite a decent ROI are as follows:

  1. It can assess employees’ theoretical expertise, fundamental principle understanding, and skill gaps.
  2. It aids in assessing potential employees’ practical skills, competency levels, and practical knowledge across a range of technical fields.
  3. It helps in creating assessments that are unique to each function while helping in pairing the right employees with the ideal position. Its adaptive assessment helps in determining the skilled employees’ key competencies and problem-solving skills.
  4. Using both progressive and regressive benchmarking helps in identifying unique skills and abilities in specific employees.
  5. The stack-based assessment helps when making informed hiring decisions.

Key Benefits

The assessment platform, Techademy Yaksha, is enriched with several features that make it a beneficial investment for the skill enhancement of your employees.

Range of Assessments

  • Coding assessments with Embedded Browser Base Code Editor. These assessments support 71 languages
  • Collaborative assessments, which include collaborative participation of employees in different scenarios
  • Project-based assessments with Embedded Intellisense and Microservices Architecture
  • Robust skill-based and role-based assessments with a skill library of 5 Lac+ multiple-choice questions
  • Auto-graded and adaptive assessments

Innovative Features

  • Integrated mock assessments
  • Review questions for guidance
  • Branding and white labeling of clients
  • Extensive analytics and dashboards with Code Quality, Sonar Cube, Bug Reports and more
  • Live leader board for employee encouragement

Role-based Assessments

Techademy Yaksha offers tailored role-based assessments on several job roles in a tech organization. Some of the roles are as follows:

  • DevOps architect
  • Performance engineer
  • Channel account manager
  • Data analyst
  • Cloud engineer: AWS/Azure
  • Database developer
  • Cloud architect
  • Research analyst
  • API integration architect – OTT middleware development
  • Solutions architect
  • Python developer
  • Product owner
  • Program manager – Sr. Scrum manager

Evaluation Types

  • 12000+ coding assessments
  • More than 6000 project-based assessments
  • More than 400 full-stack assessments
  • 17000+ MCQ assessments


In an era where technology skills become outdated before your morning brew cools, skills-based assessments help your organization stay ahead in the tech industry. They are more attuned to swiftly evolving job titles and what skills are required for them. Based on the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report, 50% of all employees will require reskilling by 2025 as technological use advances and grows. It would be a wise decision to choose an innovative assessment platform like Techademy Yaksha to keep ahead of the trends. Techademy Yaksha will add skills to your workforce while giving you the best ROI. 

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FAQs on Using Assessments to Improve Learning ROI

Q1. How can HR leaders use Techademy Yaksha?

Techademy Yaksha can be used at different levels by HR leaders. Some of the use cases of Techademy Yaksha for HR leaders are as follows: 

  • Campus or Fresher Hiring
  • Lateral Hiring 
  • Appraisals
  • Internal job movement
  • Employee engagement

Yes, Techademy Yaksha supports several multi-file tools. Some of them are MySQL, Java EE, Angular, React, Python FAST API, and Django.

Techademy Yaksha is useful in several ways in a tech organization, such as the following: 

  • Pre and post-training assessments
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Talent benchmarking
  • Project readiness analysis

Techademy Yaksha is one of the most secure online assessment platforms. Techademy Yaksha proctoring is Techademy Yaksha’s Microsoft AI synced feature, which offers: 

  • Supervisor squads and admin proctors
  • End-to-end encryption for data security
  • 360 degrees room scan
  • Computer vision and object detection
  • Online ID and face recognition
  • AI-powered proctoring score

Techademy Yaksha offers a vast library of assessment content across tech skills. Some of the skills that can be assessed using Techademy Yaksha are application development, big data, data science, AI, ML, cybersecurity, IMS amongst others.

These are the factors associated with the improvement of learning ROI by assessments:

  • It helps to optimize the resources 
  • It increases the impact of the training investments in the employees.
  • It helps you prioritize the future initiatives of the training program.
  • It helps you understand the areas to be improved.

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