How Do You Use AI in L&D: 5 Practical Use Cases

How Do You Use AI in L&D 5 Practical Use Cases

In learning and development (L&D), artificial intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity at a rapid pace, particularly in relation to learning management systems (LMS). AI’s place in L&D signifies a substantial change away from trends and toward ongoing innovation and learning. Surveys by Bersin by Deloitte suggest that AI-powered L&D can increase engagement by 20% and […]

10 Benefits of Cloud Labs in the Learning Environment

Benefits of cloud labs in the learning environment

10 benefits of cloud labs in the learning environment Rapid Setup: Cloud labs can be quickly set up and deployed, reducing the lead time for creating learning environments and enabling learners to start their practical exercises promptly.Resource Efficiency: Cloud labs optimize resource usage by allocating computing power and storage only when needed, minimizing wastage, and promoting eco-friendly […]

Enhancing Technical Learning: Harnessing the Power of Cloud Labs

Technical Learning: Harnessing the Power of Cloud Labs

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, continuous learning and skill development are paramount for professionals and aspiring learners alike. Traditional classroom settings have their merits, but the limitations of physical resources, accessibility, and scalability have paved the way for a transformative solution – Cloud Labs. These virtual learning environments offer a plethora of uses in technical […]

The Transformative Role of L&D in Shaping Future Tech Teams   

Introduction   In a world where technological advancements are driving business transformation at an unprecedented pace, the role of Learning and Development (L&D) professionals has never been more critical. As guardians of skill enhancement and knowledge dissemination, L&D experts hold the key to shaping tech teams that can navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.  […]

Top 10 Learning and Development Trends for L&D Professionals this 2024

Top 10 Learning and Development Trends for L&D Professionals to Consider in 2024  Organizations have adapted to several workplace challenges post the pandemic. Learning and development teams have faced enormous challenges due to remote and hybrid workforce models. More importantly, emerging learning and development trends are prompting L&D professionals to implement new learning strategies to boost employee […]

Addressing learner engagement in learning and development

A multitude of studies in the past have revealed that the top performing companies were five times more likely to implement engaging L&D programs. Training programs can be an effective communication tool, allowing employees to better themselves with each passing day in an organization. Successful organizations are aware that one of the best ways to invest in the company is to invest in their employees. But they recognize that these programs can easily fail if not made engaging enough. So it all comes down to learner engagement.

Upskilling employees in the IT sector: A strategic approach

As skill gaps continue to be a rising problem in a rapidly developing IT sector, it’s time to embark on an upskilling revolution. Learning and development professionals need to approach skilling strategically in order to fulfill demands of the industry. To make this happen, learning and development needs to focus on skill development while making […]

Choosing a Learning Solution? Tick Off These 8 Items

Organizations worldwide are estimated to be spending almost $360 billion on Learning and Development (L&D). Although this number came down slightly during the pandemic, it is set to soar in the face of the Great Resignation. If you are planning to invest in Learning and Development by adopting an integrated learning solution, you need to weigh your choices, it is after all a long-term investment. You have to consider the diverse needs of your entire organization, while keeping in mind that your employees have to achieve meaningful business outcomes. Given below are some things you should keep in mind while choosing the right learning solution for your organization.