Are Learning Experience Platforms the Next LMS?

Are Learning Experience Platforms the Next LMS

Is the old-school Learning Management System (LMS) fading away in today’s world? With the rise of LXPs, knowing their differences and features has become important. Probing further into this change isn’t just about tech but also about rethinking learning. It uncovers potential shifts and what organizations should consider if they’re thinking about joining the LXP […]

LMS vs. LXP: Understanding the Key Differences

LMS vs. LXP Understanding the Key Differences

In the corporate world, learning and development are paramount not just to employers but also to employees. 94% of employees state that they would continue working at their current jobs for a significant amount of time if their managers facilitated career growth by providing personalized training. With technological innovations emerging as the catalysts of organizational […]

The Importance of Self-Paced Learning in Improving Employee Performance

Introduction  In the earlier blog, we highlighted the benefits of cross-functional training and why should you invest in it. No doubt, cross-functional training is vital as such corporate training encourages employees from different departments or functions to work together. But to stay relevant with the technological transformation, wherein companies are on a constant quest to […]

The 10 Best Learning Experience Platforms of 2024

Introduction  Post-COVID, work-from-home (WFH) is the most obvious impact on the current labour force, with subsequent inclinations toward self-directed learning. As an L&D manager, it’s common to face challenges while trying to provide engaging and interactive learning experiences for employees that encourage self-directed learning and support employees’ autonomy. In this article, we have listed out […]

Essential LMS features to support continuous learning at every stage of the employment cycle

Introduction Continuous learning can assist your company and its employees in reaching new heights and achieving success at work. Let’s explore how your LMS can be optimized to satisfy all the needs for continuous learning. Organizations must be innovative, adaptable, and ever-changing to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. This depends on the competence and […]