How to Increase LXP User Engagement?

How to Increase LXP User Engagement

Training today relies heavily on online platforms like Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs). Whether you’re already using one or thinking about it, maximizing its potential matters. Recent findings reveal a direct correlation between user engagement on the LXP and employee retention. Employees who invested at least 40 hours on the LXP were found to be 39% […]

Guide to Customizing Learning Paths on an LXP

Guide to Customizing Learning Paths on an LXP

Traditional learning outcomes have primarily served the purpose of certifying completion, often overlooking the learner’s journey and individual capabilities. However, the need for personalized learning outcomes that contribute specifically to individual learners’ needs and learning paths has come to the forefront. A recent survey states that 85% of respondents agreed that customized learning significantly accelerated […]

Traditional Training vs LXP-Based Learning

Traditional Training vs LXP-Based Learning

Addressing the shortcomings associated with Traditional Learning and Learning Management Systems, Learning Experience Platforms (LXP) came forth. With more personalized learning experiences, they help participants discover new learning opportunities, enhance their skill sets, and perform better in achieving the organization’s objectives while improving their own productivity. However, to realize their full potential, it is necessary […]

What is the Role of an LXP in Establishing Learning ROI?

What is the Role of an LXP in Establishing Learning ROI

The workplace training market has undergone a lot of innovation over the last half-decade. Modern methods like engagement learning, adaptive learning, and lifelong learning are quickly taking hold and becoming mainstream. Using a range of customized tools and technology, trainers may now give eLearning that offers highly tailored learning.  Learning Experience Platforms (LXPs) are created […]

LMS vs. LXP: Understanding the Key Differences

LMS vs. LXP Understanding the Key Differences

In the corporate world, learning and development are paramount not just to employers but also to employees. 94% of employees state that they would continue working at their current jobs for a significant amount of time if their managers facilitated career growth by providing personalized training. With technological innovations emerging as the catalysts of organizational […]

10 Benefits of Cloud Labs in the Learning Environment

Benefits of cloud labs in the learning environment

10 benefits of cloud labs in the learning environment Rapid Setup: Cloud labs can be quickly set up and deployed, reducing the lead time for creating learning environments and enabling learners to start their practical exercises promptly.Resource Efficiency: Cloud labs optimize resource usage by allocating computing power and storage only when needed, minimizing wastage, and promoting eco-friendly […]

Enhancing Technical Learning: Harnessing the Power of Cloud Labs

Technical Learning: Harnessing the Power of Cloud Labs

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, continuous learning and skill development are paramount for professionals and aspiring learners alike. Traditional classroom settings have their merits, but the limitations of physical resources, accessibility, and scalability have paved the way for a transformative solution – Cloud Labs. These virtual learning environments offer a plethora of uses in technical […]

The Transformative Role of L&D in Shaping Future Tech Teams   

Introduction   In a world where technological advancements are driving business transformation at an unprecedented pace, the role of Learning and Development (L&D) professionals has never been more critical. As guardians of skill enhancement and knowledge dissemination, L&D experts hold the key to shaping tech teams that can navigate the challenges and opportunities of the digital era.  […]

The Best Learning Experience Platform (LXP) of the Year at Outlook Business Spotlight Awards 2023

Techademy: Overview of the Award-Winning LXP     Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is crucial for creating productive learning environments in contemporary corporate training. Various features and functionalities these platforms offer improve employee engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development.     Techademy’s unified learning experience platform (LXP) recently received the renowned “Best LXP of the Year” award at Outlook Business Spotlight […]