Pre-Onboarding vs. Orientation: Understanding the Key Differences

Pre-Onboarding vs. Orientation Understanding the Key Differences

Employee pre-onboarding and orientation are two essential components setting the stage for long-term success and engagement. Pre-onboarding lays the groundwork before hiring, ensuring a seamless transition for new hires, while orientation post-hiring fosters a welcoming environment and facilitates swift integration into the company culture. Although the words are often used interchangeably, they stand for the […]

Onboarding vs Preboarding: Different Ways to Welcome a New Tech Employee

As you celebrate securing a promising candidate, the journey doesn’t conclude there – it’s just the beginning of integrating a valuable new team member. While the perks of onboarding and preboarding have their own set of support from various organizations, several tech giants have recognized the importance of preboarding programs. Welcoming your new hires on […]