Ultimate Pre-Onboarding Checklist: 15 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Ultimate Pre-Onboarding Checklist 15 Steps to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Finding the ideal staff has cost you a lot of money and effort. Why not utilize the pre-onboarding time to ensure that every hire becomes an invaluable member of your team, settles in faster, and experiences less pressure right from day one? According to a Robert Half survey, 28% of new hires quit their new […]

Pre-Onboarding Toolkit: Must-Have Resources For HR Professionals

Pre-Onboarding Toolkit Must-Have Resources for HR Professionals

In a study conducted by Kronos, alarming statistics emerged: 76% of companies were revealed to be insufficient in using pre-onboarding procedures, while only 47% of them assessed had their employee retention practices to be effective. Pre-onboarding and onboarding are major factors in the employee experience. A structural pre-onboarding checklist is a great help for HR […]

Pre-Onboarding vs. Pre-Employment Training

Pre-Onboarding vs. Orientation Understanding the Key Differences

The process of bringing in new talent is both crucial and resource-intensive. Organizations invest significant recruitment endeavors in securing skilled professionals, but the process doesn’t end with interviews. The focus shifts to ensuring their seamless integration into the company. This is where pre-onboarding and pre-employment training step in. While both equip shortlisted candidates with the […]