The Impact of Pre-Joining Learning on Employee Productivity Rates

March 13, 2024

Training programs in the competitive market aim to uncover the untapped potential residing in the initial stages of an employee’s journey within an organization. Such programs represent the strategic investments for organizations to build a skilled and involved workforce and prevent businesses from losing staff. Through pre-joining training programs, employees who are given chances for skill development and career advancement are inclined to have higher job satisfaction with higher levels of engagement and, ultimately, better performance. 

The major goal of a pre-joining training program is to equip employees with the necessary technical knowledge and skills, increase candidate engagement, improve deployment readiness, and ensure role fitment. 

Organizations acknowledge their staff as a source of strategic advantage. As such, they focus on their development through individualized and tailor-made training programs. Such initiatives address skills gaps and encourage a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

Preboarding Process: Building the Foundation

While employers put in numerous efforts to train employees, they often undermine the impact of pre-joining learning. 

Brandon Hall Group states that companies with streamlined onboarding processes have a year-on-year improvement of 60% in revenue. This emphasizes the major role of onboarding and efficiency in organizational performance and development.

Preboarding- a step before onboarding, is any engagement that happens between the time an employee accepts a job offer and their first day at the company. It builds the foundation for long-term association. 

The preboarding phase is the first entry stage of the employee journey and guides further advancement. It incorporates activities that accelerate role fitment.

According to SHRM, companies that don’t provide a pre-boarding experience miss out on many benefits and see more hires leave during the first 6 months of work

Consequently, world-class organizations with strategic approaches are 53% more likely to offer pre-boarding. Pre-joining learning can serve as a pivotal engagement initiative within the pre-boarding framework. By integrating targeted learning opportunities before employees officially join, organizations not only impart essential skills but also set the stage for a more productive experience.

Why Pre-Joining Learning?

  • Building a Foundation of Confidence: Pre-joining learning lays the groundwork for employee confidence. The new hires gain the knowledge and skills needed for their roles and imbibe a sense of preparedness. 
  • Fostering Early Engagement: When employees are engaged in pre-joining learning activities, they connect with the company’s culture, values, and expectations. This early engagement creates a positive emotional tie to the organization.
  • Aligning Expectations: Often, misaligned expectations lead to dissatisfaction. Pre-joining learning programs set clear expectations. Employees have a realistic understanding and commitment to their roles, thus accelerating employee productivity.  

Impact of an Employee Pre-Joining Learning Program on Job Satisfaction

Investing in pre-joining training is indicative of a company’s strong resolve towards professional growth and career progression, and it, therefore, also ensures that employees feel a sense of fulfillment; it generates the kind of connection to their work that brings about engagement, leading to loyalty.

Reduced Early Dropouts

Pre-joining learning contributes to a smoother onboarding process, reducing the risk of early dropouts. This investment in employee development before they join pays well in terms of better productivity.

Accelerated Time-to-Productivity

Swift adaptation to roles leads to faster productivity. As employees become productive more quickly, their job satisfaction increases. This early productivity boosts confidence and solidifies their commitment to contributing meaningfully to the team’s success, positively influencing their decision to stay with the company.

Better Employee Placement

The pre-joining learning program gives a chance to learn a lot about a new hire’s interests, strengths, and weaknesses. This information further assists in identifying areas of improvement as well as the optimal employee placement in your organization.

For instance, new hires who perform well on modules pertaining to algorithmic problem-solving can be assigned to challenging software development projects. On the other hand, those with superior collaboration skills find their position in client interaction roles.

Improved Engagement 

A successful pre-joining learning program adds assurance to the new joinee’s decision to be a part of your company. The impact goes beyond day one or them dropping your offer before joining. It extends to their entire tenure. They feel valued, and this gives them the impetus to excel post-joining.

Creating a Culture of Learning 

As pre-joining learning sets the stage for a culture of ongoing development, employees experience the value of learning. It reduces stagnation and the associated desire to seek new opportunities elsewhere.

Techademy’s Learning Before Joining Programs for Employee Productivity Enhancement

At Techademy, we are determined to provide companies with top-notch training programs tailored to enhance staff productivity and foster organizational excellence. Our team of tech enthusiasts guarantees that your workforce is skilled and geared up to play the roles of the future.

Techademy’s Learning Before Joining spans over a window of 6 to 18 months, wherein your hires benefit from:

  • Tailored Learning Paths on LXPTechademy LXP offers tailored, engaging content and learning paths that align with each company’s unique culture, values, and specific role requirements. 
  • Interactive and Memorable Resources: The program stands out with its dynamic and interactive content, incorporating videos, quizzes, and real-world scenarios.
  • Hands-On Practice via Techademy MakeMyLabs: Techademy’s MML offers a risk-free environment for new hires to explore and experiment.  This unique feature accelerates deployment readiness, giving employees the confidence to tackle real challenges from day one.
  • Instructor-Led Training: Beyond automated modules, Techademy offers instructor-led training sessions, too. This personal touch provides room for clarification and a deeper understanding of the organization’s processes. 
  • Real-Time Feedback Mechanisms: Our LXP incorporates real-time feedback mechanisms, whether through automated assessments, mentor interactions, or peer evaluations. 
  • Gradual Skill Advancement: The program adopts a progressive learning path design, starting with foundational exercises and gradually introducing more advanced challenges.
  • Preparedness Check via Techademy Yaksha: Our assessment platform with auto-graded tests helps you check employee preparedness and strategize their progress path.

We strongly believe that the future of productivity in the tech world starts before day one. Organizations that invest in preparing their employees for success from the beginning are more likely to create lasting connections. When employees know what they have to do and how they have to do it, they are likely to feel productive, enjoy their work, and eliminate thoughts of insecurity and self-doubt!

Remember- “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” 

The future of efficiency starts before day one, and the dividends are realized in a committed, engaged, and thriving workforce!

FAQs About Pre-Joining Learning Programs

Q1: How do pre-joining learning programs impact employee engagement?

Pre-onboarding programs help to increase employee engagement by educating new employees on the knowledge and skills required to perform their roles effectively, promoting confidence, competence, and connection with the organization.

Pre-employment learning programs give new employees critical orientation into the role requirements and skills needed to perform better, helping them settle in more easily and develop strong identification.

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