Traditional Orientation vs. Pre-Joining Learning Program

March 14, 2024

Once upon a time, prospective employees were interviewed, and if they were hired, the first stint at work consisted of a fast tour of the office and a brief explanation of their duties and their fellow workers.

With the evolution of the business landscape, such a basic overview is no longer enough. The age-old practice has undergone a metamorphosis as pre-joining learning programs step in!

What is Traditional Orientation?

Traditional orientation serves as a fundamental component of the onboarding process, giving new hires an overview of the company, its culture, and its personnel. Traditional orientation sessions are usually held in the first few months of joining and consist of presentations, tours, colleague introductions, and administrative duties, including scheduling and paperwork.

Even while it’s a necessary rite of passage for new personnel, traditional orientation often lacks broadness and depth. Traditional orientation may not give new hires the information and tools they need to succeed in their jobs right away because it does not place much emphasis on skill preparation and role readiness.

What did Traditional Orientation Include?

Even though traditional orientations have become outdated, here are some of the benefits of why organizations need them.

  1. Overview of company culture: Provides a personal understanding of the values, goals, and environment of the organization to new hires.
  2. Possibilities for networking: Promotes relationships with coworkers and important stakeholders, creating a feeling of community and belonging.
  3. Operational guidance: Offers advice on documentation, enrolling in benefits, and other practical matters related to work.
  4. Overview of workspace: Provides information to newly hired employees about their physical workspace, including its features, resources, and facilities.
  5. Transparency: Specifies job duties, performance requirements, and organizational rules in an easy-to-understand way.
  6. Goal clarification: Assists in matching newly hired employees with the long-term vision, plans, and objectives of the organization.
  7. Accessibility to resources: Provides access to essential resources that include employee handbooks, instruction manuals, and training materials.
  8. Fundamental training: Offers basic instructions on the expertise, skills, and resources needed for carrying out the job.

What is a Pre-Joining Learning Program?

Pre-joining learning initiatives, which give new hires a chance to receive training and information prior to their formal start date, constitute an important change in the onboarding process. These programs make use of online resources, including e-learning modules and learning management systems (LMS), to offer a thorough curriculum that covers job-specific skills. It can include information on company culture, policies, and procedures, as well as industry information.

Pre-onboarding best practices enable employees to get started right away by giving new hires a variety of crucial information and tools before they even walk through the door. In addition to speeding up the onboarding process, this proactive strategy encourages increased productivity, retention, and interaction among new employees.

Benefits of Pre-Joining Learning Program

Here are some of the benefits of a pre on-boarding training or learning program.

  1. Early preparation: Gives new hires the tools they need to get started right away by providing them with the necessary information and abilities before their formal starting date.
  2. Faster onboarding: This reduces the time required for new hires to reach peak productivity by front-loading orientation and training processes.
  3. Customized learning: Develops training resources according to the particular demands and specifications of various departments and job functions within the company.
  4. Increased engagement: Provides new hires with relevant learning opportunities that foster knowledge, retention, and implementation of expertise, resulting in increased motivation and engagement levels.
  5. Increased retention: Demonstrates that the organization is dedicated to helping new hires succeed and grow, which raises workers’ sense of loyalty, job satisfaction, and employee retention.
  6. Reduced training costs: Reduces the need for resources, saving the organization a significant amount of funds.
  7. Customizable learning: Allows new employees to finish their training at their preferred speed and comfort, taking into account their various learning preferences and patterns.
  8. Long-term success: Provides a solid basis for long-term success by giving new hires the tools they need in terms of expertise, skills, and resources. This eventually results in increased work satisfaction, productivity, and retention.

Techademy: Perfect Pre-Joining Learning Solution

While large tech companies are enhancing their onboarding process with pre-joining learning programs, what are you waiting for? In need of the hour, where Talent leaders need a robust yet customizable pre-joining learning program, Techademy offers solutions and platforms that can help in smooth and streamlined pre-joining learning and further upskilling and reskilling processes.

Techademy ULXP

The Techademy ULXP is a centralized LXP platform which not only caters to your pre-joining needs but also includes skilling, deployment, and talent management at your tech organization. Multiple platforms are stitched together to ensure a seamless tech learning experience that learners can use to make the most of their skilling journeys.

Techademy ULXP combines the benefits of:

  • Techademy LMS: It guarantees that all of your learning initiatives satisfy organizational goals. Our LMS’s superior features and perceptive learner analytics enable businesses to promote an atmosphere of continuous learning and advance employee growth.
  • Techademy Lite: Learning materials that cover key positions and technologies are accompanied by knowledge-based assessments that track and quantify specific skills. It also provides customized dashboards & comprehensive learner analytics.
  • Techademy Prime: Features complex assessments, social learning skills, gamification components, and multimedia-rich learning content.

Techademy MakeMyLabs

One-stop shop for all needs related to practical labs (private/public cloud). With just one click, our platform for labs as a service offers labs ranging from basic ones like Java to advanced ones like devops and big data. We offer tailored lab setups in line with corporate requirements. It provides talent leaders and employees with shared materials that can be accessed at any time for work or learning. 

It offers the following features:

  • Scalability to any number of employees
  • Customized labs on demand
  • White labeling is available according to the business guidelines
  • Seamless integration into third-party portals
  • Dedicated space for each user
  • Catalog of a range of pre-defined labs

Techademy Yaksha

Yaksha is a stellar platform that facilitates the creation and curation of skill-based assessments for hiring and learning and development needs. It is end-to-end proctored, highly customizable, and analytical. For deeper insights into those taking tests, it provides thorough, in-depth assessment reports. It caters to large, medium, and small-sized businesses.

Techademy Yaksha has the following features:

  • Safe and mortified Microsoft AI 
  • Proctored assessments
  • Bulk user upload
  • In-depth analytics with Sonar cubes and more
  • Live leaderboard
  • AI-powered proctoring scores
  • End-to-end encryption for data security
  • Pre and post-training assessments

Embrace Techademy Learning Before Joining

When settling new hires into a new job environment, employee orientation and pre-joining training and learning are essential steps. Rather than being a substitute, they operate in unison to achieve the common objective of raising employee engagement and encouraging people to feel equipped and ready for work. Prospective employees seek relevant data, a clear understanding of their role within the organization, and an understanding of your corporate culture. This enables them to ascertain their position and the means by which they can succeed as employees in the long run. 

With the help of Techademy, any organization can make a good first impression and also enhance the specific skills of the new hires to help merge with the organization’s culture and the working employees easily. If you do not believe us, believe in the 100+ Fortune 500 companies who have worked with us. Why miss out on the chance to have an interactive pre-joining learning program? Book a demo with us today!

FAQs About Traditional Orientation vs Pre-Joining Learning​

Q1. What makes Techademy reliable?

With more than 30 years of experience and having worked with 100+ Fortune 500 companies, we know what a leading and growing tech organization needs. Our customizable solutions are the epitome of our success and quality.

Yes, the different offerings and solutions by Techademy help talent leaders design and enhance their onboarding and pre-onboarding process. Our platforms help to mentor, train, and assess the new hires before their first day at work in their new project.

Pre-joining learning is largely designed for campus hires and also serves as an engagement initiative. This is a part of the Techademy Solutions bouquet for fresher readiness programs. Get in touch to explore more solutions.

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