What is the Impact of Virtual Labs on Skill Development?

March 22, 2024

As a visionary in the competitive tech landscape, you recognize that staying ahead requires a workforce equipped with cutting-edge skills. You also realize that traditional employee training methods fall short of meeting the dynamic demands of the modern workplace. In pursuit of excellence, do you seek a transformative solution? Meet Virtual Labs. 

In a world where 90% of employees believe that hands-on experiential learning is the most effective method to upskill, the virtual lab approach to learning and development (L&D) has radically changed the face of some industries in the past two years, shattering old myths and reshuffling approaches to skills development. 

Virtual Labs: Revolutionizing Skill Development 

Virtual training labs, commonly referred to as virtual IT labs or hands-on labs, are cloud environments that provide for a virtualized practice of skills and demonstration of concepts. Users find it convenient to present their practical experience through lab exercises, anywhere anytime.  

This practical approach improves skill retention rates and speeds up the learning process. Instructors can track learners’ progress in real-time and provide feedback, thus making the learning more interactive and effective. The research demonstrates that virtual training can increase learning retention rates by 25 to 60 percent. Besides, virtual labs replicate real-life scenarios, enabling the user to identify and rectify the mistakes in advance, which then impact the performance positively.

Virtual labs operate by providing users with access to a replicated version of software or tools. The systems provide users with an instance or copy of software called image, which they access in secured, non-production platforms. These data environments can be hosted either on-premises or in a data center, which is commonly known as the cloud.

The versatility of virtual labs allows organizations to create hands-on experiences and courses for a wide range of topics. 

Techademy MakeMyLabs is a Lab As A Service (LaaS) and Infrastructure As A Service (IaaS) platform. Open to the companies in customizable versions; the Techademy MakeMyLabs offer easy access to learning under administration and monitoring. Users can expect dashboards, reports, analytics to identify the learning trends, and more (discussed at length later in the article).

What is the Impact of Virtual Labs on Skill Development?

The prime purpose of incorporating virtual labs in the corporate training program is skill development through ‘learn-by-doing’ approach. Here are some key ways in which virtual labs are impacting skill development:

Hands-on practice: 

Through virtual labs, learners can obtain practical experience in terms of technology, software, and platforms in a live environment. Through active participation in hands-on activities, learners are able to reinforce the concept through their working experiences, which results in further improvement of their skills.

Critical thinking and skills application: 

Virtual labs provide engaging hands-on learning experiences that require learners to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. This approach fosters critical thinking and helps learners develop relevant skills that are applicable to their job roles.

Validated learning: 

Virtual labs adopt a validated learning process that involves constant assessment and validation of learners’ skills. This approach guarantees that trainees get specific feedback on their performance and identify areas that need to be improved through additional training.

Integration with existing learning environments: 

The virtual labs can be effortlessly incorporated into the existing learning management systems (LMS) and learning environments. This makes it easy for organizations to upgrade their programs by adding practice-oriented training.


Virtual labs can be scaled up, which makes it easier for organizations to grow their training programs when the need arises. Either expanding the existing labs or accommodating more learners, virtual labs can be adjusted to fulfill changing requirements.

In-depth training analytics: 

Virtual labs provide advanced analytic and reporting tools that allow organizations to collect important data about learners’ performance and detect those areas where they are not satisfied with the results. This data-driven approach allows organizations to provide customized learning paths and curriculums that address the particular needs of learners.

Performance testing: 

Virtual labs have the capacity to test and evaluate learners’ skills, which they can then apply in actual job situations. This method goes beyond the standard multiple-choice questions as it provides a more reliable assessment of learners’ competencies.

Effectiveness of training programs: 

Virtual laboratories provide companies with a means of assessing the efficiency of their training programs by tracking the progress and the skills that the learners acquire. This data helps organizations enrich their training programs to ensure they reach their goals.


Virtual labs offer secure learning zones that protect organizations’ intellectual property and sensitive information. Through the adoption of strong security standards, organizations can ensure that their training resources remain secure and away from unauthorized use.

Agility and adaptability: 

Digital training labs let organizations stay on top of the latest technological trends by providing flexible, scalable learning solutions. This agility allows organizations to adapt their training programs to meet evolving technology trends and business needs.

Sneak Peek into Techademy MakeMyLabs

Techademy offers the latest technology-based and innovation-driven solutions to meet varying organizational needs. Talent management leaders seek a customizable solution with multiple features, including access to complex machines, insights into learners’ learning, and much more. 

Considering all the requirements, Techademy MakeMyLabs comes forth with promising functionalities packed with a high-security cloud environment, client IT policy-based alignment, and SSO with Azure Active Directory, Google, Facebook, and Twitter. 

With end-to-end management, we allow L&D leaders to remain stress-free and access detailed usage reports and metrics while the operations team from Techademy MakeMyLabs takes responsibility for management. 

Having worked in the industry for over 30 years and with more than 100 Fortune 500 companies, we know what it takes to revolutionize your team’s learning experience and accelerate their tech skill development. 

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FAQs on Virtual Labs

What are the benefits of virtual training labs?

The benefits of virtual training labs are hands-on practice, the ability to offer targeted feedback, easy integration into the existing LMS at companies, and scalability. 

Companies can purchase the subscription-based license of the service or opt for for the enterprise license. Further, they pay exactly for the services being used. 

The lab provisioning takes about 180 seconds. It ensures time efficiency for the learners by ensuring latency, persistence and quick access. 

MakeMyLabs enhances the learning journey by providing features like Persistent Labs, which allow learners to start and stop practicing at their convenience, ensuring an uninterrupted experience.

Guided Labs offer personalized, self-paced learning paths, catering to learners of all levels – from novices seeking foundational knowledge to experienced professionals aiming to refine their skills.

Absolutely, MakeMyLabs provides flexibility for users to effortlessly build customized system configurations, tailoring labs to specific requirements and accommodating various technology stacks.

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