3500 Fresh Graduates Upskilled and Aligned to Tech Job Roles Learn before Joining Program

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Our client is an American multinational corporation with over 130,000 employees in more than 70 locations. The client is an employer of choice for the candidates with strong values, and fosters a culture of inclusion, belonging, and corporate citizenship.


Every year, after they hire new graduates from campus, the new hires go through a foundation program with basics revision, foundation-level training. Learners were required to practice throughout both virtual instructor-led and self-paced learning sessions. However, their challenges were:

  • How to enhance the learning outcomes and make learning fun and engaging for the new pool of talents.
  • How to migrate from classroom/instructor-led learning processes to an entirely self-paced online model while saving time and resources.

Step 1

For all new hires,

two learning

pathways were

established based

on their job roles

and technology

suggested by the

organization during

the learn before joining.

Step 2

The learning paths

included crash

courses on all

fundamental topics

of computer science

and IT so that

the learners’ basics

are brushed up

Step 3

The program was

spread across 2

weeks consisting

of 40 hours learning

each week with

1-2 mentor

connects based

on the difficulty

levels of the courses

Step 4

Provided assessment,

feedbacks, and

additional learning

after the end of every

module that allowed

candidates to fill the

gaps in learning


  • Successfully trained 3500+ new hires for their job roles
  • Trained 2 batches of new hires on job-specific courses and skills
  • Structured the entire process and was able to save time by finishing the program in 2 weeks
  • Increased the course completion rate by 37%
  • Emerged as a preferred partner for grooming and upskilling their campus hires and all learn before joining efforts
  • 100% of the learners were onboarded to their job roles after the successful completion of the program

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