Charting Organisational Growth with Competency Matrix Assessments

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What was the client trying to solve?

With the clients global presence becoming more prevelant, the cleint was very clear on its overall employee assessment and feedback goal – stay ahead of the talent curve. However, translating this goal into actionable strategy posed as a challenge, needing subject matter experts to help understand and execute its key objectives into an organizational-wide development plan. The strategy had to factor in the following:

Competency mapping

Appraisals based on feedback of the managers is highly subjective and an unfair measure of the skills of the employee in question. So, the client wanted to establish a fair appraisal system which was completely objective and above board. For this, they needed to conduct an organisation-wide competency mapping.

Proctoring solutions with anti-cheating features

The client also needed a reliable and secure proctoring solution to conduct fair assessments at a large scale. This was keeping in line with the organisation’s zero-tolerance policy for any kind of plagiarism and cheating.

Skill profile

The client wanted to chart the growth plans of candidates and existing employees by measuring their skills, personality and abilities. An in-depth analysis of their hidden skills, strengths and weaknesses could be leveraged by the companies’ L&D department to integrate a signature training approach. It meant the company would work on candidates’ skills and traits specific to technical professions to maximize their chances of success.

The Solution

After extensive discussions and thoroughly understanding their requirements, we proposed combining application and knowledge-based assessments for successful appraisals and future hiring. We offered an array of technical questions that encompassed a multitude of programming languages, frameworks, technologies to evaluate the skills. This extensive library stacked with 100000+ technical questions across various job-roles enabled the client to devise assessments that could gauge their employees’ technical expertise and future thinking. This was then backed by our state-of-the-art proctoring AI to conduct secure coding tests. Additionally:

  • A user-friendly nature of the application helped the managers set up the exams using multiple question types instantaneously.
  • Regardless of the proficiency of the employee, the variety and complexity of questions, and the coverage of topics and skills, offered the client an accurate picture of the employees’ comprehensive fit, which would then be used as inputs for appraisals.
  • Using an integrated development environemnt to gain a well-rounded overview of their hands-on experience and the agility to run complex projects or traditional codes.
  • A thorough evaluation of coding potential was free from bias and backed the manager’s decision

It was a transparent, fair and timesaving package that addressed concerns.

The Impact

Following are the highlights of how Yaksha was able to leverage its platform and provide powerful solutions to suit the client’s requirements:

  • Assessments built on 10k+ technologies
  • Customised assessments for skill competency mapping
  • Data-driven decision-making for fair appraisals and project deployments
  • Deep insights on employee skillsets
  • Organisation competency framework built with quick turnaround time

The way forward

As the client’s enterprise partner in evaluations, Yaksha continues to offer assessments to measure employee skills on various parameters.

With Yaksha’s deep insights on the employee skillsets based on these extensive assessments, the client continues to measure the competency level of their employees and accordingly grant appraisals and determine their deployment into projects.

About Yaksha

Yaksha Assessment Platform can help your organisation build customised assessments to enable you to hire, upskill, and engage employees across different technologies. With us you can create assessments in 70+ programming languages and skills. Our bank of 3 lakh+ multiple choice questions can help you assess deeply for a range of tech roles. Whether it is campus hiring you’re looking for or competency matrix, we have got you covered. We are your best bet for a tech assessment solution – simple, fair and efficient.

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