Boosting Learner Engagement By 37% For 9+ Batches Of Freshers Trained Through Virtual Instructor Based Holistic Learning

Virtual Instructor Based Holistic Learning by Techademy

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Our client is a British multinational corporation, a network of firms in 155 countries with 284,000+ people
delivering quality assurance, advisory & tax services. The client has highly qualified and experienced
professionals who listen to different points of view to help you solve business issues, identify and maximize
the opportunities you seek; their industry specialization allows them to help co-create solutions with their
clients for their sector of interest.



The client’s fresh recruits training and learning activities were not being comprehended
successfully. Learners were expected to practice through the selfpaced learning
sessions. The difficulties lie in increasing learner engagement such that it can make way
for upskilling, reskilling and cross-skilling the workforce effectively.

  • To guarantee that the learning experience was improved for all the participants.
  • To provide enriching content that is identical to their role-related skillset and enable hands-on practice before new role deployment.
  • To create a customised instructor-led mode of learning module made available for the learners



We developed a Virtual Instructor Led Training Solution (VILT) along with the Learner Experience
Platform (LXP) after several in-depth discussions with the client to better understand their needs
and challenges. The Virtual Instructor Led Training Solution (VILT) created an engaging learning
environment, allowing the recruits to gauge an in-depth understanding of the topics of study and
upgrade relevant skills before working on real-time projects. The approach also offered the client
customization control over the learning selection, use, and prepare the workforce for advanced
on-the-job problem-solving expertise.



  • Successfully trained 9+ batches of learners for their intensive and demanding IT job roles.
  • The entire process was instructor-led and the client was able to by finishing the program way ahead of the stipulated time.
  • Individuals benefited immensely from a step-by-step method instruction for each lesson.
  • A reference guide for the new hires, which has a comprehensive learning material right from the foundation to the desired level, tips, and tricks to enhance their skills.
  • 100% of the learners in all the batches were onboarded to their job roles after the successful completion of the program.
  • We have boosted learner engagement by 37% and as a result of our efforts 43% reduction in training time was witnessed by the client.

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