IIHT-Techademy Establishes Micro-Credential Learning Program

The client is a global IT service organization offering leading-edge digital services and solutions across industries. The organization has approached us to establish micro-credentials as evidence of employees’ proficiency in specific technologies and areas of expertise. Through this innovative approach, the organization seeks to optimize its training assessment process and align employees’ skill sets with the evolving business needs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

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What was the Client Trying to Solve?

The client embarked on a mission to elevate its employees’ technical skills. Micro-credentials have become pivotal in showcasing the employees’ technical proficiency. To achieve this objective, a comprehensive, end-to-end micro-credential program was essential, which also addresses the client’s skilling needs and ensures a better technological future. Consequently, the client sought a strategic partner capable of leveraging innovation to address the following challenges:

  • Enhancing technical skills of employees on specific technologies such as Java, Python, cloud platforms, front-end frameworks, databases, and web services automation.
  • Optimizing training assessment for employees who lack the necessary skills, which can hinder their performance in their respective roles.
  • Establishing micro-credentials due to the growing demand for specialized certifications as evidence of employees’ proficiency in specific technologies and areas of expertise.
  • Developing a well-structured, end-to-end training program that encompasses the identified technologies and addresses the organization’s skilling needs.

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