IIHT-Techademy Establishes Micro-Credential Learning Program

IIHT-Techademy Establishes Micro-Credential Learning Program - Techademy

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About the Client

The client is a global IT Service organization offering leading-edge digital services and solutions across industries. The organization has approached us to establish micro-credentials as evidence of employees’ proficiency in specific technologies and areas of expertise. Through this innovative approach, the organization seeks to optimize its training assessment process and align employees’ skill sets with the evolving business needs, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

The Need

  • Enhancing technical skills of employees on specific technologies such as Java, Python, cloud platforms, front-end frameworks, databases, and web services automation.
  • Optimizing training assessment for employees who lack the necessary skills, which can hinder their performance in their respective roles.
  • Establish micro-credentials due to the growing demand for specialized certifications as evidence of employees’ proficiency in specific technologies and areas of expertise.
  • Developing a well-structured, end-to-end training program that encompasses the identified technologies and addresses the organization’s skilling needs.



Techademy has successfully crafted a groundbreaking solution to establish micro-credentials and skill accreditation, transforming the client’s upskilling initiatives. Custom micro-credentials form the backbone of this approach, tailored to meet the specific needs of employees. Here are the solutions proposed in detail.

Custom micro credentials

Custom credentials are prepared on the basis of the data shared by the client for the upskilling of the employees.

Micro credential learning

Upon the results of the screening assessment, a milestone-based micro-credential program is recommended. These custom micro-credentials are prepared on the basis of the data shared the client


The learning outcomes are validated through the accreditation process. This is to ensure associate readiness in real world applications

Techademy offered a range of Specific Micro-credentials to the following Skills:

  • Programming Languages: Comprehensive training in Java and Python programming languages.
  • Cloud Computing: Focused on AWS and Azure platforms, providing practical skills for cloud computing.
  • Microservices: Empowering employees to design, develop, and deploy scalable microservices-based applications.
  • DevOps CI/CD: Equipping employees with essential skills in implementing DevOps practices and building CI/CD pipelines.
  • Front-End Frameworks: Learning React.js and Angular to build interactive web applications and create engaging user interfaces.
  • Databases: Mastering Oracle and SQL for effective database management, design, querying, and optimization.
  • Webservices Automation: Acquiring the essentials of automating web services testing using tools like Cypress and API testing frameworks, ensuring the quality and reliability of web services.


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