IIHT-Techademy helps Top MNC Solve Key L&D Challenges

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IIHT-Techademy helps Top MNC’s solve key L&D Challenges

What Challenge did the Organization Face?

A leading global professional services firm had long recognized the importance of empowering its employees with sharper technical expertise to take on challenging roles and projects. Moreover, the company identified a critical need to further develop essential power skills among its managers and senior management consultants. While technical skills were undoubtedly crucial, the organization recognized that power skills played an equally vital role in driving the success of its workforce and the organization as a whole.

The identified power skills, includes

  • Gravitas
  • Persuasive Communication Skills
  • Big Picture Thinking & Articulation
  • Influencing Skills
  • Ops Excellence
  • Long-Term Resilience

These were identified as crucial competencies for managers and senior consultants. Without these power skills, they would face challenges in effectively leading teams, communicating with clients, and navigating complex business scenarios.

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