Revolutionizing Talent Acquisition and Assessment for an Automotive Engineering Giant

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The Challenge

Yaksha collaborated with a leading automotive engineering firm to address critical challenges in talent acquisition, skill assessment, and interview processes. Facing difficulties in identifying skill gaps, managing cumbersome coding assessments, and efficiently conducting interviews with many candidates, the firm required a streamlined, technology-driven solution. Yaksha introduced a comprehensive solution comprising a detailed competency mapping questionnaire, automated coding assessments, and an innovative interview-as-a-service model.

This multifaceted approach significantly enhanced the firm’s hiring process, optimising time and resources while ensuring a high-quality talent pipeline. Implementing Yaksha’s solutions resulted in marked improvements in operational efficiency, cost reduction, and the overall recruitment process, demonstrating the profound impact of integrating advanced L&D strategies in addressing complex hiring challenges.

Addressing Talent Acquisition and Skill Assessment Challenges

The client, a leading automotive engineering firm, needed to hire in bulk to support their fast business growth but the operational inefficiencies in recruitment were slowing them down. Their interview process is typically in three stages, and they were challenged at each one of them.

  • Stage I: MCQ – All the applicants are made to undertake an MCQ assessment. This stage is used to shortlist candidates for the coding assessment stage. The client had found it challenging to conduct the MCQ test for a large pool of candidates who aspired to join their firm every year and get accurate results.

  • Stage II: Coding Test – The client conducted a rigorous coding assessment at this stage. This involved around 80-90 practice assessments and 10-12 actual assessments daily for 2000 candidates. The logistical and administrative burden of conducting this assessment was immense. Their old, manual approach to conducting these assessments was time-consuming and required significant staff involvement, leading to high operational costs and inefficiencies. The process was also prone to errors and inconsistencies, further reducing their confidence in the assessment’s results.

  • Stage III: Personal Interview Process – The client’s interview method was highly inefficient for thousands of potential hires. With just 5-6 interviewers available to screen 4,000-5,000 candidates, the process was slow and unsustainable. This inefficiency resulted in a prolonged hiring cycle, increased costs associated with the interview process, and a substantial drain on the interviewers’ time and resources. The challenge was further compounded by the logistical issues of coordinating interviews across various locations in India, leading to additional expenses and complexities.

These three interlinked challenges considerably slowed down their recruitment process and, as a result, their growth. The need for a comprehensive, technology-driven solution to overcome these issues and streamline the talent acquisition and management process was evident.

Techademy’s Multipronged Approach to Address the Challenges

Competency Mapping

Yaksha developed a detailed questionnaire covering eight technical areas and sixteen domains, such as Agile Methodology, AWS Cloud, Cyber Security, and various advanced automotive engineering technologies. This comprehensive tool was instrumental in precisely mapping out the skills and gaps of potential hires.

Yaksha tapped into its vast pool of Subject Matter Experts to develop these for a highly niche technical domain such as automotive engineering. This provided a great depth to these assessments, allowing the client to include intricate skill nuances required for a highly technical niche sector.

Automated Coding Assessments

Yaksha implemented a unique automated coding assessment system to replace the labour-intensive manual coding tests. This system could do assessments in five computer languages and eight technical domains.

This shift not only alleviated the logistical burden of evaluating 2,000 candidates daily but also significantly enhanced the accuracy and consistency of the assessments. By automating this process, the client could redirect valuable staff resources previously dedicated to manual checking, thereby reducing operational costs and improving overall efficiency.

Interview as a Service

To solve this, Techademy deployed its Virtutor platform. With Subject matter Experts (SMEs) hosted on this platform, the client went ahead with an interview process that combined the HR and technical assessments into a single, streamlined session conducted by the same interviewer with expertise. This approach effectively halved the traditional interview duration and considerably reduced operational costs. Over a span of 25 days, these SMEs were able to conduct more than 1,200 interviews on the client’s behalf. In addition, they also provided daily reports that enabled the client to make quick hiring decisions.

This solution reduced the logistical and financial burdens associated with conducting interviews across India and significantly condensed the hiring cycle, enabling the client to scale its operations more effectively.

Bridging the gap: From Recruitment to Retention

Looking at their efficacy, the client extended the application of these solutions from recruitment to post-hire. They had faced challenges in accurately identifying and addressing the skill gaps within their pool of employees. Understanding the specific strengths and weaknesses across various technical domains and skills had been inefficient, leading to a mismatch in job roles and skill sets. This gap hindered the client’s ability to make the best use of their resources and, in turn, also slowed down the employees’ development and growth.

Impact: A Whopping 90% Reduction in Operational Costs!

Techademy’s Virtutor platform streamlined the interview process, effectively cutting operational costs by 90%. This reduction was achieved by eliminating the need for separate HR and technical interviewers and drastically reducing travel and logistical expenses for both potential hires and interviewers. Furthermore, the platform allowed the client to scale its hiring process effectively, accommodating the interview of thousands of candidates from all over the country without the need for additional resources, thereby facilitating a swift and efficient hiring cycle.

In parallel, the automation of coding assessments saved over 100 hours of staff time. It reduced their salary expenses by more than 50%, eliminating the need to manually manage assessments. The operational burden was significantly lightened, freeing up staff to focus on strategic tasks.

The impact of Techademy’s interventions was evident in the quantifiable outcomes observed by the client. The reduction in assessment and interview time, coupled with cost savings from decreased staff involvement and logistical expenses, underscored the value of Techademy’s L&D solutions.

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