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The Challenge

A global beverage company with over 500 beer brands and a significant presence in sports and music faced challenges in managing high-volume, high-stakes, fresher recruitment drives. To address scalability, efficiency, and recurring drives, they partnered with Yaksha, which provided a tailored recruitment solution.

Yaksha’s platform demonstrated robustness and efficiency, handling 25,000 assessments over 1.5 years, and featured a unique initiative on International Women’s Day to recruit female coders, leading to 200 successful hires. The platform’s real-time reporting capabilities significantly expedited the recruitment process. The outcomes of this collaboration included efficient large-scale recruitment, a commitment to diversity and inclusion, and the establishment of a consistent and reliable method.

Overall, Yaksha transformed the company’s recruitment approach, making it more scalable, efficient, and inclusive, aligning with its broader goals of diversity and innovation in talent acquisition.

High-volume, High-stakes Recruitment

A global beverage company with over 500 beer brands and a significant presence in sports and music, wanted to recruit freshers in large numbers – about 15,000 – within a span of 3 days. They had been doing it with a physically written test which was time-consuming, both for conducting as well as assessing. This did not support the scale and the speed at which they wanted to do this recruitment. They aimed to achieve an astounding 10,000 assessments in a single event and reach 15,000 within three days. This required exceptional scalability to manage such a large number of assessments concurrently.

Additionally, the fast-paced nature of their recruitment necessitated efficiency, particularly in quick, real-time reporting to keep up with the rapid recruitment activities. The complexity of this situation was further heightened by the frequency of their recruitment drives, which were conducted around 8-9 times, underscoring the need for a reliable and repeatable solution. This solution needed to be robust enough to consistently handle the high volume and critical nature of the recruitment process across all events, aligning with the client’s reputation for excellence and efficiency in their global operations.

Tailored Recruitment Approach with Yaksha

Recognising the need for scalability and efficiency, Tecahdemy leveraged its product, Yaksha, to address these requirements.

Techademy’s team worked closely with them to ensure seamless integration of Yaksha into the recruitment process, allowing for the efficient management of assessments and real-time reporting. With the need to handle high-volume, high-stakes recruitment drives involving up to 10,000 assessments in a single event and 15,000 within three days:

  • Yaksha demonstrated its robustness by efficiently managing 25,000 assessments over 1.5 years, with daily numbers ranging from 1,000 to an impressive 7,000 assessments,
  • This also showcased Yaksha’s scalability and ability to handle such massive recruitment demands effectively.

Furthermore, Yaksha played a pivotal role in the success of special initiatives, such as the International Women’s Day campaign, distinguished by its unique approach of using an open URL for assessments and targeted marketing. This campaign attracted 3,500 participants and recruited 200 talented women, highlighting the platform’s impact, all in 7 days. Yaksha’s real-time reporting capabilities expedited recruitment, ensuring quick and informed decision-making. The repeated success of multiple recruitment drives underscored the platform’s reliability and consistency, setting a new benchmark in recruitment efficiency.


The implementation of Yaksha impacted their recruitment process and the organisation as a whole.

  • It significantly enhanced the efficiency of recruitment drives, reducing their hiring time by 62.50% and cost per hire by 76%, allowing the client to assess thousands of candidates without encountering logistical challenges.
  • The unique approach of using an open URL for assessments and targeted marketing for the Women’s Day campaign demonstrated the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion by successfully bringing in more female talent.
  • The consistency and reliability of Yaksha across multiple recruitment drives reinforced its reputation as a dependable tool for delivering results.

Ultimately, the impact of this solution transformed the fresher recruitment process, making it more efficient, scalable, and aligned with the company’s broader goals of diversity and innovation in talent acquisition.

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