The End-to-End L&D Stack/Tool Checklist

There are numerous tools for employee learning and development that approach learning, training, and development issues from diverse angles. Although learning and development tools can initially be very expensive, they are a must for every business that wants to reskill and upskill its employees in order to remain competitive. Fast-growing businesses that place a high priority on learning may consider dispersed L&D tools that might meet your needs. 

But, does your L&D stack/tool meet a wide range of requirements? Do they cater to different learning styles? Or do you prefer to work across multiple platforms? Or do we use the plethora of technologies at our fingertips? To put it another way, how comprehensive is your L&D stack/tool?  

Here is our list of practical L&D tools that could aid in achieving your learning goals. Check them out! 

The end to end stack
  • Learning Management System – Create, organize, track, and measure employee training and development programs 

      Check for the below LMS features 

    1.  Social Learning – Enables active learning by creating collaborative opportunities  
    2. Gamification – Stimulates high learner engagement with gamified elements 
    3. Learning Telemetry – Creates personalized learning interventions based on actionable insights 
  • Learning Experience Platform – Provides a centralized platform for learning and AI to deliver a more personalized experience to learners
  • Assessment Platform – Evaluates workforces core competencies and orchestrates talent transformation 
  • Virtual Tech Labs – Enables learners to learn by doing and maximize learning efficiency 
  • Content authoring tool – Enables the creation of digital learning content & prevents learning drop-off with integrated content library into the learning program 
  • Mentoring platform – Combats a number of organizational gaps or deficiencies: learning and development, diversity and inclusion, retention, and workplace culture. 
  • Data visualization/ Reporting tools – Measure outcomes and determine the effectiveness of training 
  • VR and AR tools – Immersive technologies like AR and VR increase knowledge retention rates, enhance learning experiences, and improve learning outcomes 

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