Engaging Employees through Learning and Development

Organizations often complain that their employees are disconnected from their work. How can a business encourage their employees to form a connection with their work while being empowered and productive? How employees are treated has an impact on their level of engagement. Organizations need to form a deep connection with their employees in order to engage them.

Learning and development is one way among many to engage employees. However, in organisations, this cannot be reduced to a simple task. The organization’s direction towards being a “learning organization” — a company that empowers and enriches its workforce through a culture that encourages learning and development — is more crucial. Even more important is to align the employees’ individual aspirations with the vision of the enterprise.

Corporate training can provide the right opportunity to build engagement at work. But how should you build these training and development programs that will benefit your workers the most? Here’s a checklist of how Learning and Development can be leveraged for Employee Engagement.

Learning and Development

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