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Here’s the checklist every L&D Professionals should know in 2024:
  • Take a survey: Understand what is working and what is not.
  • Conduct a training needs analysis: Ask yourself the why, how and what behind your training.
  • Identify the stakeholders: These people could be the higher management, IT teams, and corporate leaners.
  • Optimize digital learning formats: Create engaging and interactive learning formats.
  • Make sure to find a content provider that regularly supplies you with relevant and up-to-date learning content.
  • Create a two-way communication plan.
  • Motivate by giving rewards: Through gamified and social learning, use rewards to create incentives that motivate your employees.
  • Regularly evaluate your efforts: Think about what target values you want to set and how you can evaluate them at a later   date.
  • Watch learning trends: Keep an eye out for current trends that can help you optimize your companies wide training.