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Your Checklist “L&D Capacity Planning Checklist – 2023” is Ready to Download.

This handy L&D Capacity Planning Checklist will help you get started.

  • Understand the boundaries of your existing resources

1)Create a demand forecast report by required time commitment and skills needed.

2)Draw skills inventory for each individual team member.

  • Estimate capacity vs. demand and create a project resource plan ahead of time.
  • Set up Capacity Monitoring to meet capacity requirements.
  • Create a Contingency plan to address urgent requests and unexpected difficulties.
    • Address long term capacity shortages which can be addressed through 1) Training. 2) Long term hires. 3) New tools and software’s.
  • Ensure high resource utilization and protect the business’s profitability.
    • Align capacity with resources planning 1) Define individual project demands in order to appropriately map hours and skills to each project. 2) Devise a team schedule for effective resource allocation.
  • Streamline the Resource Requisition process to meet project deadlines.

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