Questions L&D Should Ask Before Delivering Training Programs

In order to ensure that training programs are successful, L&D professionals should ask themselves a few key questions before delivering them. By taking the time to assess the needs of their learners and the company as a whole, they can create a program that is relevant and engaging for all involved. The company’s culture and current needs can help shape the delivery of the program in a way that is most beneficial for all involved.

In addition, by understanding what types of training are most effective, they can make sure that their programs are providing the best possible ROI. So what are some of the questions you should ask? Keep reading to find out!

  • What are your business plans for the year? What’s new and what’s changing?
  • What are the significant workforce outcomes of these plans?
  • Will these plans need the creation of new core competencies?
  • What new performance do you anticipate from your target audience?
  • What is the performance gap? What essential competencies do we need to develop?
  • Do you think the training programs is the best way to build new fundamental skills?
  • What type of training programs do you require based on your experience and knowledge?
  • What should the end result of this intervention be? What kind of change do you wish to see?
  • What is your projected timetable for implementing the new capabilities?
  • Can you specify the size of the target audience for this development initiative?
  • Can you find subject matter experts to assist L&D in developing a training programs proposal that includes the strategy, key performance indicators (KPIs), content, and costs?
  • What is the training budget for the programs and to assist L&D in developing and deploying the learning solutions?
  • How will you integrate the training programs into your workflow, and what do you want from L&D?
  • How will you assess the training program’s outcomes and follow-up?

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