Questions to Ask While Planning Collaborative Learning Initiatives

Collaborative Learning is a learning method in which employees share their knowledge and expertise while also teaching and learning from one another. By leveraging each employee’s skills, ideas, and organizational knowledge, group learning improves the training experience. Cooperative learning, in which learners work together in small groups to solve a problem or master a concept, is frequently confused with collaborative learning. Cooperative learning is an effective learning tool, but it is difficult to implement on a large scale. It is most commonly used in educational institutions.

Collaborative learning used at workplaces encourages higher-level thinking, problem-solving, and teamwork in the same way that cooperative learning does, but it is much easier to scale across teams. Collaborative Learning is part of a larger interdependence trend. Organizations are shifting away from top-down, hierarchical management styles and toward low-authority, high-accountability management models. We’re relying more and more on group work to achieve outsized results, rather than individual project ownership.


Here’s the Questions to ask while Planning Collaborative Learning Initiatives:

         About Clear Goals and Plans

  • Is your team able to establish clear goals and objectives that everyone understands?
  • Is your team creating well-defined work plans to achieve these objectives?


         About Commitment to Goals and Success

  • Is everyone on the team fully committed to the goals and work plans?
  • Are all team members dedicated to the team’s success?

    About Team Responsibilities and Contributions
  • Does your team’s leaders and members define roles and responsibilities clearly?
  • Is everyone actively and collaboratively involved?
  • Is it true that everyone does their fair share of the work?


             About Resource Management

  • Do team members use all available resources to complete the project?
  • Do team leaders and members effectively manage team members’ time?

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