The Ultimate Checklist for L&D Professionals

A solid L&D plan enables employees to obtain the information and skills required to be effective and productive in their roles, as well as allowing organizations to develop leaders from within. Learner engagement is the foundation of a successful learning and development program. It can enhance learning outcomes, engagement, and course completion. Gamification and Social learning are becoming the most natural and organic approaches to do so.


To keep you prepared for different stages of L&D and get the most of your programs and initiatives, we’ve created the Ultimate Checklist for L&D Professionals. Dig in.

Covering the fundamentals
  • Take a learner survey 
  • Analyze training needs 
  • Identify stakeholders 
  • Optimize digital learning formats 
  • Create a 2-way plan 
  • Motivate by rewards 
  • Evaluate your efforts 
  • Watch learning trends 


Boosting Learner Engagement 
  • Integrate LMS 
  • Create roadmap 
  • Show appreciation 
  • Access learning platforms 
  • Plan social learning 
  • Encourage mentoring 
  • Organize brainstorming sessions 
  • Incorporate gamification 
  • Make a knowledge-sharing system 


Integrating Gamification  
  • Break the Content 
  • Create a storyboard 
  • Decide on Media Elements 
  • Add rewards & recognitions 
  • Share form of badges 
  • Promote team work 
  • Create pressure 
  • Ensure continuous journey 


Embracing Social Learning 
  • Establish clear goals 
  • Create well-defined plans 
  • Build social learning incentives 
  • Encourage discussion boards 
  • Establish peer-based learning goals 
  • Make social interactions within LMS fun 

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