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Your Checklist “The Ultimate Checklist for L&D Professionals” is Ready to Download.

To keep you prepared for different stages of L&D and get the most of your programs and initiatives, we’ve created the Ultimate Checklist for L&D Professionals. Dig in.

Covering the fundamentals
  • Take a learner survey 
  • Analyze training needs 
  • Identify stakeholders 
  • Optimize digital learning formats 
  • Create a 2-way plan 
  • Motivate by rewards 
  • Evaluate your efforts 
  • Watch learning trends 

Boosting Learner Engagement 
  • Integrate LMS 
  • Create roadmap 
  • Show appreciation 
  • Access learning platforms 
  • Plan social learning 
  • Encourage mentoring 
  • Organize brainstorming sessions 
  • Incorporate gamification 
  • Make a knowledge-sharing system 

Integrating Gamification  
  • Break the Content 
  • Create a storyboard 
  • Decide on Media Elements 
  • Add rewards & recognitions 
  • Share form of badges 
  • Promote team work 
  • Create pressure 
  • Ensure continuous journey 

Embracing Social Learning 
  • Establish clear goals 
  • Create well-defined plans 
  • Build social learning incentives 
  • Encourage discussion boards 
  • Establish peer-based learning goals 
  • Make social interactions within LMS fun 

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