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Campus Onboarding Success: How to Reduce Ramp Time for New Hires

Campus hiring continues to be the most popular and preferred route of talent acquisition for the various advantages it offers. But alongside, it presents challenges for the firms in current day technological landscape that makes learning a more vibrant and dynamic process that requires keeping up to speed with the rapid scientific and technological advancements. Download and discover strategies to streamline campus onboarding, enhance worforce productivity, and minimize time to deployment for the new hires. In this e-book we will see how to reduce ramp time for the new hires and make them ready for the projects from day one.

Campus Onboarding

Key takeaways

  • Validation of right skill fitment is a must to avoid mis hires
  • Bridging skill gap through training is a must before deployment
  • Campus onboarding programs must contain specifically designed suitable skill development courses
  • Developing an effective Learning Before Joining program is advisable
  • Efficient assessment engine and project readiness analysis help improve overall performance of the company


Learn how to make your new hires effective and efficient with our e-book, “Campus Onboarding Success: How to Reduce Ramp Time for New Hires”. Download now and see how you can streamline and improve the processes of your talent acquisition on the campuses with the help of Techademy’s tools to achieve objective, fair, and efficient talent and skill assessment.

Accelerate New Hire Integration with Techademy's Campus Onboarding Success eBook

Learn proven strategies to streamline the onboarding process and reduce ramp time for new hires. Our comprehensive eBook provides actionable insights to help you effectively integrate fresh talent into your organization, ensuring a smooth and productive transition.  

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