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Get your Employees Off the Bench

IT firms across the globe – the small, medium, and large – are facing the problem of plenty of idle people on the bench and would welcome any suggestion that helps them turn these unproductive employees into revenue generating resources. Here in this e-book, you will find ways and means to move your work force on the bench also billable through getting them ready to work on projects, as quickly as possible.

Key takeaways

  • Rising bench strength has become a major challenge in the ever evolving technology landscape.
  • Redeploying employees needs rethink, reskilling and or upskilling.
  • The trick is add managerial capabilities and technical skills to durable skills that stayed relevant for years.
  • Need of the hour is for a training systems and platforms to address all manpower issues, solve low adoption and dropout problems.
  • Techademy training platform and Yaksha assessment engine form an ideal combo that helps firms turn their bench strength into billable assets.

Learn how to improve the workforce performance and make every employee count by reducing the staff on the benches with the help of our e-book, “Get your staff off the bench”. Download now and discover the ways and means to put your staff through an efficient training and assessment program with the help of new tech training and measurement tools. These promise to reduce your employee costs and make the workers net earners for the company.

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