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Workplace Learning Trends in 2024

In 2024, workplace learning undergoes a transformative shift with technological  dvancements and evolving organisational cultures. The rapid adoption of digital learning, accelerated by COVID 19, is reshaping learning journeys. Bridge’s 2023 report reveals that 78% of L&D professionals anticipate significant changes in learning technologies by 2026. This signals a strategic shift towards empowering employees in their career growth. Fostering a learning culture in 2024 involves embracing blended learning, skill-based skilling, competency mapping, on demand mentoring, and harnessing AI, ensuring adaptability and success in the professional landscape. This E-book delves into crucial facets of mentoring on demand, blended learning, and role-based/stack-based learning. It also provides valuable insights into how organisations can shape their learning ecosystems for success.


Workplace learning in 2024 is undergoing transformation due to technological advancements and changing organisational cultures.
● Mentoring-on-demand is a shift from traditional mentoring structures, offering spontaneous and instant accessibility.
● Blended learning combines virtual and physical training, offering flexibility and customisation.
● Competency mapping identifies and evaluates skills, knowledge, and behaviours necessary for effective performance.
● Role-based learning tailors training to specific job roles, while stack-based learning focuses on comprehensive skills within a technology stack.
The E-book unfolds a tapestry of innovative methodologies to bridge skill gaps, enhance employee capabilities, and foster a culture of continuous development.
It’s crucial for employers to stay abreast of emerging trends and adopt strategies that bridge skill gaps effectively.

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