Counteracting Learning Decay: Reskilling Strategies for Bench Employees in IT

The Challenge

In the dynamic realm of technology, IT bench employees grapple with the dual challenge of learning decay and the persistent need for professional growth. Learning decay, where skills become outdated over time, poses a significant concern for tech companies as it affects their bench workforce’s ongoing relevance and proficiency. Simultaneously, employees may feel stagnant, yearning for opportunities to enhance their skills and advance their careers, contributing to the broader issue of turnover within the organisation.

How can tech companies effectively address the issue of learning decay to ensure their bench employees’ ongoing relevance and proficiency? What innovative reskilling strategies can Learning and Development (L&D) companies propose to mitigate learning decay and, at the same time, empower IT bench employees with the latest and in-demand skills?

Addressing the Challenge: Cultivating a Culture of Continuous Learning

Understanding this two-sided problem involves recognising the organisational need to combat learning decay while also acknowledging the individual employee’s desire for professional growth and engagement. The solution lies in a paradigm shift towards fostering a culture of continuous learning. 

Solution: Fostering a Culture of Continuous Learning

Techademy’s comprehensive learning experience platform, Techademy LXP, offers a strategic solution to counteract learning decay and foster a culture of continuous learning to transform bench employees into valuable assets.

Techademy's Solutions:

Mentorship Excellence with Techademy LXP:

Techademy LXP fosters mentorship excellence within organisations by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge mentoring features. Techademy Prime employs advanced matching algorithms to pair mentors and mentees based on their skills, expertise, and career goals. This ensures a strategic alignment between the mentor’s experience and the mentee’s objectives. Mentors can leverage existing courses, assessments, and hands-on labs to guide mentees through a structured learning journey. It fosters a collaborative learning environment where mentor-mentee interactions go beyond one-time sessions. The platform provides a virtual space for ongoing discussions, resource sharing, and collaborative projects, creating a dynamic mentorship community.

Learning Incentives:

Implementing incentives for continuous learning, such as certifications, skill badges, or recognition programs, acknowledges employees’ efforts and motivates them to participate actively in ongoing development. Skill badges are awarded within Techademy’s LXP as visual representations of acquired skills and accomplishments. Learners earn badges as they progress through various learning paths and complete assessments. Techademy has also integrated industry-recognized certifications into the learning journey. Techademy Yaksha extends the certification landscape by offering skills-based, role-based, and stack-based assessments. It ensures that certifications are tailored to the unique requirements of specific job roles, enhancing their relevance and value.

Career Development Paths:

Techademy LXP empowers organisations to define clear career development paths within the platform. Employees gain a transparent understanding of how their learning journey aligns with long-term career goals. 

Within Techademy  LXP, organisations can tailor learning paths to align with specific career development trajectories. This customisation is a dynamic and personalised learning journey, not a one-size-fits-all approach.

For employees transitioning into new projects or roles, Techademy’s Unified LXP offers role-based reskilling services that play a pivotal role in defining career paths. These programs ensure that individuals are technically skilled and well-prepared for the nuances of their chosen career path. The focus is not just on learning but on efficient project deployment. The program, designed to reduce time to deployment, ensures that teams are well-prepared, efficient, and confident in tackling complex projects.

Cross-Functional Opportunities:

Techademy LXP enables employees to explore various roles and projects through its comprehensive learning paths. The platform offers curated content, assessments, and hands-on labs tailored to specific job roles. This broadens their expertise and contributes to a more versatile and adaptable workforce. Techademy ULXP also allows employees to engage in targeted learning paths aligned with specific job roles, enabling them to transition or explore opportunities in different functional areas within the organisation. 

Techademy LXP offers immersive, real-world simulations that allow IT bench employees to apply their newfound skills in practical scenarios. This hands-on experience enhances the effectiveness of the reskilling process, ensuring that employees are theoretically knowledgeable and capable of applying their skills in a work setting.

Continuous Learning:

Techademy’s Make My Labs initiative, with its hands-on learning and integration with real-world scenarios, serves as a comprehensive solution for counteracting learning decay among bench employees in the IT industry. The initiative enables them to set up personalised virtual machines, providing a practical and dynamic environment for skill retention. This approach ensures that theoretical knowledge is not only acquired but also actively applied, reducing the risk of learning decay. Bench employees can leverage Make My Labs to experiment in a secure sandbox environment. This is crucial for IT professionals as they can test and apply their skills without the fear of disrupting live production systems. The ability to experiment freely fosters continuous learning and skill reinforcement, countering the natural decay that occurs when skills are not regularly practised. 

Make My Labs allows the creation of dedicated Integrated Development Environment (IDE) frameworks and mimic environments. This feature gives bench employees an objective and immersive feel for various technologies. Employees can refresh and reinforce their knowledge by interacting with these environments, ensuring their skills stay relevant and up-to-date. Persistent Labs within Make My Labs enable uninterrupted and immersive learning experiences. Bench employees can start and stop their practice sessions at will, facilitating continuous learning without time constraints. This flexibility ensures that employees can revisit and reinforce their skills regularly, countering the decay that occurs when knowledge is not consistently applied.

Continuous Assessment and Feedback:

The reskilling journey is accompanied by continuous assessment and feedback mechanisms within Techademy’s platforms. Regular evaluations ensure that employees are progressing and mastering the necessary skills. Feedback loops also provide valuable insights for further customisation of the reskilling paths.


Techademy’s holistic learning experience platform, encompassing Techademy LXP, Make My Labs, Virtutor and Yaksha, emerges as a strategic ally for organisations aiming to transform bench employees into high-impact contributors. By embracing a culture of continuous learning, organisations mitigate retention challenges and create an environment where employees thrive, feel valued, and contribute meaningfully to long-term success. Techademy’s innovative solutions align with industry best practices, providing a blueprint for navigating the evolving talent management landscape in the tech industry.

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