Fully customizable plug-and-play training solutions. Tailored for BFSI!

Techademy provides the world’s leading companies with high-quality comprehensive and customisable training programs tailored to the BFSI sector
  • Give your teams hands-on, project-based learning
  • Train them on the latest technologies
  • Choose from an array of BFSI-specific courses
Get your new hires up to speed before they’re deployed!

Top banking, financial services, and insurance companies trust Techademy

Give your learners the advantage of an award-winning learning experience platform built for BFSI

Get the GenAI edge

Choose from a wide selection of project-based Gen AI training courses tailored for BFSI, such as building a trading bot, prompt engineering, and more

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Courses specific to the BFSI domain

Choose from an array of courses specifically designed for the banking, financial services, and insurance sectors

Guard against cyber attacks

Select from over 200 cybersecurity courses covering all major topics in the field, such as penetration testing, information security, and more.

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A vast selection of Data Science courses

Train your teams from a selection of over 400 data science courses, from data visualisation and cluster analysis to Big Data analytics and beyond


Customised courses and learning paths created for BFSI

Empower learners to unleash their potential through immersive, practical experiences on BFSI focused projects and practice case studies.

Check skill comprehension based on milestones or end-goal with our assessment engine

Give your learners the advantage of on-demand mentoring for their doubts and queries, with any of our 8000+ SMEs

Plug your compliance training courses into our LMS to provide end-to-end training or train your workforce on specific technologies from our comprehensive list

Empower your teams with industry-leading BFSI-specific training

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Discover how we helped Mastercard create a global lateral training program and increase learning adoption

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