Comprehensive and Customizable Training Programs for the BFSI Industry

Fully Customizable Plug-and-Play Training Solutions. Tailored for BFSI.

Whether you want to train your workforce on specific key technologies or give them end-to-end training for the BFSI industry, we’ve got you covered! 

Features of Our Learning Experience Platform

Select from an array of project-based training courses specific to the BFSI industry

Let your learners sharpen their skills on projects tailor-made for BFSI

Choose from an array of 120 courses specifically designed for the BFSI industry

Give your learners the opportunity to learn by doing, with our virtual tech labs

Check skill comprehension based on milestones or end-goal with our assessment engine

Give your learners the advantage of on-demand mentoring for their doubts and queries, with any of our 8000+ SMEs

Plug your compliance training courses into our LMS to provide end-to-end training or train your workforce on specific technologies from our comprehensive list.

Customized courses and learning paths for the BFSI industry

Tools and Technologies We Cover

SAS programming
Artificial Intelligence
Machine Learning
Python programming
R programming
And more...

Skills We Impart

Data Analysis
Software Testing
And more...

How Our LXP works in the real world
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